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  1. Great, very nice modifications to your Suzuki. As if from made from one casting .
  2. Looks very good . Slight bumps can be seen on the disc brakes, aren't they etched parts?
  3. Small updates . 3D printed dry clutch and ignition distributor and spring.
  4. They look great for the first carbon decals. I still have problems with these things ......
  5. Thanks Unfortunately, progress is slow here. The time on the PC and 3D printing takes time. But here are a few tiny updates.
  6. Great work, the preparation of the white metal is definitely not easy, I can imagine .
  7. Very nice little updates, make a model look much more alive. Thank you for introducing the DSPIAE cutter. Seems to be a very well thought out tool.
  8. Avery demanding project, with all the upgrade parts it will be an interesting assembly.
  9. Haha forgive me. Sorry my English is not the best. It may be that I write something strange. "Die Anlassfarben sind verdammt gut getroffen !" 😀
  10. The temper colors I like just fine 😀
  11. Very nice used condition clean implemented. The self-filed rims have become great 👍
  12. thanks for the link Dallas. As you can see on the link you can print 1/12 chains. Here's my chain scaled to 1/18, is still so. Everything is just a little filigree and fragile . Chainring 0.4 mm Chain max. 1mm And I also went a bit further, For the NS 500 I printed a few more parts Until see next time
  13. I wish you much luck in painting that it does not undermine.
  14. Very nice colored accents set and detailed build .
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