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  1. Now had to unpack my old device again . The handlebar grips are only plugged in And again small progress .
  2. Nice homogeneous surface, the slight "bubbles" I would fill with Gunze Filler. .......so do not paint again ,Stir the paint well and treat the imperfections with a toothpick .
  3. Small progress I could not use the etched part chain, the chain rollers are not cast optimally in this kit . Then just print one yourself. the cut on the chain I have chosen so because this area is behind the exhaust .
  4. @Griffo_Aus I can only report from my own experience here, I find it practical . You no longer have to take the parts in hand so often . The color and the parts do not suffer so when handling. I think if you want to build a lot of motorcycles, it is a sensible purchase . Hehe..... I hope I build a few more models now ......
  5. Finally, things are moving along a bit here again. In the meantime I have bought a Marcomoto design bracket and hope that this will improve the handling of the model. Here times the intermediate state.
  6. Again very nice and accurate work from you . And I like the idea with the Hasegawa mirror, I used to do this with BMF, but I think the Hasegawa foil is a better alternative.
  7. One of my last finished projects from the 3D printer. File from CG Trader . <
  8. Very nice conversion, the colour matches it wonderfully
  9. Very nice build so far . And thanks for the assessment of the Decalpool decals. Everything worked out with the clearcoat this time.
  10. Again very nice work from you ,what's next ?
  11. First of all I wish you all a Happy New Year And many thanks Andrew Honestly, I don't really know anymore. But I mean, I tried it first with the decals but then painted white because the lime green shone through under the white decals. On the KR 1000 I have painted, I have also made photos of.
  12. Yes, exactly which you can buff. So on it goes, painted and decals on it. Glossy clear lacquer Then still a small stand for the fairing . The stand is a fantasy product I have no idea if there was such a thing. So now I run out of pictures . Still the fork the last time with BMF after that I started to take steel tubes . Details of the exhaust . The springs are made of coiled styrene, you know, make hot and pull in the length. Cabel Simon here you can see a little bit of the cables. If you decide to build I can also provide you with pictures. T
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