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  1. Haha forgive me. Sorry my English is not the best. It may be that I write something strange. "Die Anlassfarben sind verdammt gut getroffen !" 😀
  2. The temper colors I like just fine 😀
  3. Very nice used condition clean implemented. The self-filed rims have become great 👍
  4. thanks for the link Dallas. As you can see on the link you can print 1/12 chains. Here's my chain scaled to 1/18, is still so. Everything is just a little filigree and fragile . Chainring 0.4 mm Chain max. 1mm And I also went a bit further, For the NS 500 I printed a few more parts Until see next time
  5. I wish you much luck in painting that it does not undermine.
  6. Very nice colored accents set and detailed build .
  7. sorry just had a lot to do ...... Well I think the 1:12 chain would still be possible. I will scale down the chain and then we'll see.
  8. Thanks Guys . Chain for NS 500 ....... Two is Better . I've also made handles, with the old Protar kit were none of them. Little contrast, I hope you recognize something .
  9. Very nice, that graining did you hit well. ......the slices become clear again afterwards ?
  10. Looks great, is the snake skin a decal?
  11. Cylinder head, approximately after Racer No. 1 NS500 Screws and head 3 D print See you next time .
  12. The fleece and the floor mats are very lovingly implemented and class details on the dashboard.
  13. Hi guys Here I will start a WIP which will probably take some time to get ready. First and foremost, this is not even about the construction but the 3D printing. And I want to share this with you. The first thing on the plan was to reprint the rims of the YZR. Unfortunately, I did not find any drawings on the internet, so I printed them the way I liked them the most. It was not an easy task, because I did not want to succeed in the first 3 D pressure. Constructed with DesignSpark Mechanical. Printed with Elegoo Mars right side kit rim see you next time :)
  14. Fantastic work and the printed parts are a perfect match!
  15. Fantastic work ! I now have a 3D printer (Mars Elegoo) I hope I can achieve similar results. Will you continue to watch .......
  16. I've been trying slightly times to a YZR500 (OW70) made. The rc 166 chain is thicker and wider compared to a kit chain.(OW70) Feasible determined, but you would rather guess to a MFH chain.
  17. Will be an interesting change Lee. To my shame, I do not know the car. What exactly is this type of car called, Streetrod, Hotrod?
  18. Very nice progress Mark. The rear shock absorption you seem to have revised. Unfortunately, you do not recognize it well in the picture. The hex nut definitely does not look like a kit. And the honeycomb look very good too.
  19. Very nice start . The valve cover looks very realistic due to the light washing. Did you do the "grids" yourself at the funnels? I am looking forward to your next update:)
  20. Good work for your first bike. The engine with the slight signs of use I like anyway. I'm looking forward to your Honda 1000 RS Endurance
  21. Thanks Angus, for a look at the print. A buddy of mine prints characters with the photon. I'm always amazed what's possible with the printer. For me the perfect looks!
  22. Hi Dallas. Thanks for the detailed video for applying Carbondecals. Interesting and instructive to see how you prepare the templates.
  23. Hi Mark . The Agusta is a very nice machine for me. Unfortunately, Protar has kept a lot of details very simple, there would have been more in 1/9. Your construction, with the improvements made by you, I will pursue curiously. You'll make something unique from that!
  24. Thanks Mates . So now a little update. The Resin parts I think so far consistently convincing! The cast structure fits too.
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