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  1. Build was finished about 5 weeks ago imster...will get some more pics up later if I get chance!!! Thanks ade
  2. Just white primer Rob!!! Thanks ade
  3. Thanks imster...it's talking and watching you masters at work that help me to improve my quality...still a lot of things I wouldn't try that some of you do but give me time!!!hahaha Ade
  4. Here is my hasegawa pentax Honda nsr500 build...I'm quite far along with it already so will update you with the progress!!! Now I believe in trying something new on each build and for this 1 it was using a top studio clutch... Now for me this was a very nervous time doing a clutch for the 1st time but I got there in the end and I'm quite proud of myself for having a go!!! Next up is the engine...now this caused me a lot of troubles trying to suss out colours but in the end mixed a bit of this and a bit of that and I'm quite happy with the end results... Next up was fitting the obligatory metal fork sliders from top studio...no build would be right if you don't use them when their available in my eyes... Now with this being an all Japan championship bike from what I know they used different upper exhausts and the option comes in the kit so well why not... Next up I painted the frame and swingarm with zero aluminium and then did a wash on them... Painted the wheel with zero metallic gold... That will do for this installment!!! Thanks for looking Ade
  5. So I meant to post these pics a few weeks ago but totally forgot...the finished article...really enjoyed this build...a truly beautiful and underestimated kit from tamiya in my opinion...it basically falls together!!! Thanks for looking Ade
  6. So the next installment is here!!! 1st time for me here...I decided to have a go at cfing the front mudguard...now me and cf decals don't get along so I was pretty happy with this considering it was my 1st time... Next up were forks...stripped kit chrome...painted them in alclad primer then zero gloss black then alclad chrome followed by tamiya flat aluminium on the fork bottoms...tamiya titanium gold on the calips and tamiya clear yellow on the fork stanchions...molotow chrome on the sliders(God knows why???hahaha)... Next up was onto some decal work on the bodywork...studio 27 decals that went on pretty well with liberal use of micro set... Next up I couldn't resist putting the forks on and getting a couple cheeky pics of her as a roller... Well that will do for this little update...next update will be pics of the finished article...I built her up to take pics of her but she is now back in pieces awaiting a bit of a Polish and wax!!! Thanks for looking!!! Ade
  7. Thanks imster The slowest build will have been the sheene akai yamaha double build and the lancia 037...they took about 5 months in total...mind building 2 bikes and a car at the same time ain't a great idea!!!hahaha Thanks Ade
  8. So my next installment to this build Put the engine in the frame... Scale motorsport 1/20 scale twill weave Cf decalled the clutch cover and front mudguard...front airfilter assembly...now I ended up putting the studio 27 decals on this after the pictures as I thought they looked better akd they were right for the bike I was building too... Next up was attaching the exhaust... Then rear wheel into the swingarm and attaching the hugger...then put the rear end into the frame... next up was painting the bodywork...I used alclad white primer and then zero Italian red... Forks pretty much finished ready to fit to the frame apart from the tubing...this is where I had the majority of my problems as both reservoirs for the brake and clutch snapped off when fitting the tubing... Anyway that will.do for this installment...like I said earlier this build is already completed but I never posted the progress pics at the time as I was slightly busy with a small life changing thing...hope you like it...will do another post of the decalling and what not later Thanks Ade
  9. Hahaha...yeah just a minor life changing moment heh mate!!! Will upload the next part tomorrow but then youve already seen the 95% finished bike!!! ade
  10. No pets go in there but their hair is all over everything in the house...a long haired dog and 2 cats you could clean all day but still there everywhere 44!!! Ade
  11. Right then...this build is already completed and is my 2nd build in the group build so I will split it up a bit rather than 1 long post so here we go!!! Some pics of the completed engine assembly...this was done mostly by hairy stick and tamiya acrylics... The wheels I just zero clear lacquered them as they didn't need painting in my opinion... Discs I used the newish paint from zero paints that is grey carbon ceramic paint...now this stuff looks a lot better in real life than the pic... Decided to hairy stick the area the pads would run on with some tamiya gloss acrylic again with a hairy stick and then painted the carriers in tamiya titanium gold again with hairy stick and then a quick wash with tamiya black panel line... Next up I primed the exhausts with alclad grey primer...couple coats of zero gloss black...couple coats of alclad chrome then a couple coats of alclad aqua gloss then used tamiya weathering set d and finally another couple coats of alclad aqua gloss... Then used the kit cf decals on the silencers...these things were over 20 years so in hind sight I should have cut min own as they were very brittle but heh hoe... Next up painted the frame with alclad white primer then zero pure brilliant white the hairy sticked the aluminium for the subframe and the semi gloss black for the heel plates...alclad aqua glossed this lot then used tamiya black panel line again to bring out a few areas... Next up got the decals on the tyres and added the discs... Swingarm was painted alclad grey primer...zero aluminium and then zero lacquer... Forks I stripped the kit chrome (wasn't easy...took a few days!!!) Cleaned them up sprayed alclad grey primer...zero gloss black...alclad chrome...alclad aqua gloss and then tamiya clear yellow was hairy sticked over them...painted calipers tamiya flat aluminium... And that will do for this post!!! Thanks for looking Ade!!!
  12. So it's been a while since I posted an update on this build as I had problems with the body when I zero clear lacquered the body she looked horrendous so I put her back in her box and left her for a while whilst I calmed down about it!!! Anyway yesterday I did some micromeshing on her and then got the decals on her... And then this morning I got her in zero 2k diamond clear...this stuff is just unreal for the shine straight out the brush...pity I have animals and therefore get the odd hair in it bit that's just something I got to live with I'm afraid til the animal go to pet heaven...thanks for looking Ade!!!
  13. Thanks 44...yeah I know anodising wasnt really a thing in the 70''s but heh hoe!!!hahaha Ade
  14. Well another wee Lil update for the p34 Got all the wheels painted in zero semi gloss black and painted the front wheel nuts well the instructions called for red well I decided to go with tamiya acrylic silver and then tamiya acrylic clear red as well basically I like to be different hahaha...next up was the bodywork...FINALLY...sprayed all this with alclad white primer as some plastic bits were white and some blue so thought if its a white Base hopefully all the blue will be the same in the end... Well that's about it for now but hopefully more updates soon!!! Thanks Ade
  15. So I got a spare 2 hours tonight so got a bit of work done on the p34...got the engine/gearbox assembly attached to the chassis... After that could resist a cheek mock up pic of the shell on it...this will be the next job tomorrow...time to break out the airbrush for the 1st time on this build and start spraying!!! Now as previously mentioned when assembling the front wheels assembly my big hands snapped a small pin for 1 of the hubs so tonight I drilled the hub...arrayed some rod into hole and then built it up...finally I have both front wheel assemblies built... Well that's it for today...thanks for looking...hopefully an update tomorrow with some bodywork in at least primer maybe even Base coat if all goes well!!! Ade.
  16. I broke a pin that the hub goes on on the other side...big hands and small parts...the plastic lost!!!hahaha
  17. So I've made a start on the 1st of my 2 builds as part of the group build. 1st up is the tamiya tyrrell p34 in 1/20 scale...now this is a build I've wanted to do since a little boy and I'm FINALLY getting to build 1!!! 1st up is the engine assembly...now trying to paint the Ford emblem on top of the rocker covers proved to be interesting...I ended up plumping for using a cocktail tail stick as all my brushe's were far too big and believe me I have some small brushes... Now since speaking to various people I know there could have been easier ways to do this but at the time I didn't know so yeah...just did it my way!!! Next we have pictures of the complete engine all painted up in various tamiya acrylic paints and finally a wash using tamiya''s black panel line... Next up was the gearbox/brakes assembly...no real problems here and again painted using tamiya acrylic's... Next was attaching the exhaust which most will know are a bit of a pain in the rear but got there in the end then attached the gearbox assembly to the engine...few parts didn't want to fit very well so took a bit of fettling to make it all fit properly but got there in the end... Well that's about it for now...may I just add that no airbrush has been harmed so far in this build!!! Thanks for looking Ade
  18. Heh Guy...love the blue chain...looks cool!!! Ade
  19. Nice work so far dallas...look forward to watching this evolve!!! Ade
  20. Yes 44...I know I should have masked and ab'd it but I've had issues masking over clear in the past that has burnt me...I need to get confidence back for doing it again!!! Thanks Ade
  21. Yeah I was given another plane to build a few months back...the quality was shocking and I gave up about 30 min...so far I've spent about an hour on this 1 so it's looking a possibility that I will finish it!!! Ade
  22. Yep...been forced into it I'm afraid mate...part of a club group build I'm afraid!!!hahaha Ade
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