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  1. Wow David this is impressive! Really clean paint and execution! Well done!
  2. after an era of absence, I go back to update the WIP, I will add photos made over time, it was quite complex to make this kit, (as usual for me ..) especially in some parts that do not fit very well, for example the arms front of the transmission do not reach the hubs, or the frame that supports the intercooler is too short or the cover plates of the front headlights are not exactly perfectly aligned with the body ... another weak point is the windshield, a whole evening was needed work, to make it close flush, I also had to reorder from MFH because the pre-printed cut lines are completely wrong and I was thrown away the piece provided in the kit. The dashboard is now the right color, the blue was wrong. see you soon for more photos of the current state!
  3. nice! I love the 917k, I have it in my stash also, with the extra engine transkit made by historic racing miniatures. Looking forward to your progress!
  4. Mr. Pascal, you have all my admiration. this wip is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, really congratulations
  5. Ciao Erik! As you can see in the 3rd and 4th pics, the suspension spring is overstretched and not rightly straight, don't look nice for my eyes. I will repair it trying to heat the wrong spiral and reset the stretched portion, or even find a pair of new spring
  6. thank you Dallas and Imraan for Your interest... I will try the tamiya way, 'cause the solder is my nemesys ?
  7. after 1 month I'm back to show some little progress... only test fitted the rear suspensions (made it two times 'cause I had a mistake with the hole diameters) and the radiators system. I've trouble with it, don't allign really good, but also the kit preview don't, i will try to do my best. I also must to repair the wrong stirred spring, have someone any tips to do it?
  8. I also rhink the same mate.. i usually thin the putty with acetone (is the same in english? I don't know ?) to make it more usable, but never tried on metal parts... milliput is my favourite putty, it can be used for every kind of problem and dry relatively quickly (in a hour is sandable, according to the thickness) but the advantage is the possibility to shine it when dry with water and finger ❤
  9. Wip.... engine almost fitted on his bay... A little question... i've on my bench the milliput fine and tamiya putty basic, which one works better on white metal?
  10. Little progress on my workbench... The works goes wery slow but something grows up. I start the pre assembly of the engine, i also done the interior but nothing to say about that, except the modify done on the photoetch on the dashboard, too long to mount correctly. Instead the engine was, and still is, really difficult because of small pieces and sub assemblies really difficult to align. In particular the exhaust manifolds engaged me for more than three hours, without considering that handling the piece, other elements go off, despite the CA glue. Here it is now...
  11. yep, and lots of broken drill bits I need something of more "professional" about that, have you some brand to recommend?
  12. Hi erik, nice to hear you, of course i will paint it, but before is necessary to do a full pre assembly to fit everything right. The white metal kits have the holes only semi open, so it's necessary to test and open all the points of connections.
  13. oh I really know mate, I'm pretty sure the beemax/aoshima will be in moulded plastic as common, I also looking forward for the Audi S1 E2, another lovely and milestone racing car. I quote you about the high rate price, but this car is my favourite ever, since i was a child (i'm born in 1980, and when I was 8/9yo the rally shoot my mind with the lancia delta HF) imho the masterpiece of italian motorsport history, even the various ferrari. This does not mean that the reds are not great, but for me the S4 is a source of emotion, technical and sporty, unavoidable. So when I got the economic opportunity I've took it!
  14. Thanks Ade, yes they're all white metal, except the body and the engine block. I've buyed it before christmas from spotmodel, 289€; now is soldout, but there's a lot on ebay.
  15. Slow progress, as usual, but I'm satisfied. I've ended the front, it's not perfect as it needs, i've do a lot of notes to fix under the final assembly. Mates, this kit is really fun! ?
  16. Thanks my friend, I will use the brass brush on dremel tool. I solved the problem with the strange gap, the original Delta S4 had the front diff mounted on cantilever and not resting on the chassis, but Hiro missed the transmission axle :-/
  17. nice work Adrian! If I can, here's a tip to make realistic logo on the engine: After the primer, I paint the engine with the airbrush using alclad or similar laquer; when everything is dry, a hand of acrilic black to cover all. To find out the logo, I clean gently over it with a thoothpick wet of thinner like the X-20A and the effect will be perfect! This process will be applicable also on the head of the engine, especially in it's air cooled. Try it!
  18. hi cat, thanks for reply; tonight i've started the dry fit. Very fun work, drill-sand-test-reply.... i've found a strange gap, filled temporaneally with patafix, between the front diff and the low plate, strange 'cause it's a little bit high...
  19. Hi Guys Today (yesterday by now) is the anniversary of the Henri Toivonen and Sergio Cresto, deads in a manche of the Tour de Corse 1986 with the fabolous and impressive Delta S4. I will start this wip in memory of these Guys, it will be a long time work as usual for me, expecially with this multimedia kit, my first ever. I hope to have help and motivation from you all, also because there are no other wip of this kit all over the internet. First of all i've checked and separated all the parts by the instruction progress. Next step will be clean and dry fit everything. See you next time and please forgive my bad english ?
  20. Mate you work very well also in 1/24! I prefer to complicate my life with that modify, maybe is the reason of why I haven't accomplished my works? ??
  21. Stunning work my friend, it's a pleasure to see your WIP, as usual :-) A little question: why you've decide to use soldering and not putty for the gaps?
  22. Hey Ade, finally I see your 037 :-D Looks like you run faster! Mine is sleeping in his box 'cause i'm wait a decal replacement for the lancia logo over the bonnet. I've seen some little imperfections in the color choice: - the seat were blue - the brake clamp were really steel - are you sure about the suspension colors? i give you some photo references: The original Bettega car with which he found death, and a rear block from a MFH kit (but this one is referred to 1983, with black chassis) and the last one, referred to 1984 safari rally. How about the body? If you want to open the engine bay, remember there is a big gap from the inner driver cell to the body, i filled it with a looot of putty :-) looking forward for the rest, cheers!
  23. Hey imster send me a pm when decide to start the sauber or the jaguar, i've them waiting on my stash, we can start a build togheter ?
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