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  1. Thanks Doc. The headlight has a tab for the orientation so I went with the kit being correct. TBH, I didn’t check my references on that one.
  2. For the carbon car I opted to make the deep dish, so here’s how I went about it: kit wheels as they come out of the box I started off with using the back of a sharp knife blade to work my way around tue inside of the rim to gradually cut through Once this was done I was left with two separate pieces From here I was then able to reposition the centre part further down the rim before and after to compare and all painted and complete again, Hobby Design tyre valves were fitted and a white metal wheel locking nut from Studio 27
  3. Wheels are all done now. These are the ones for the main car, they are aftermarket ones from Hobby Design along with the centre nut and tyre valve. A PE wire fixing was added in the centres to finish them off.
  4. Not much progress, but I have got the body cleared and polished so took a couple of quick photos. Updates should be more regular now as this is permanently back on the bench until completion.
  5. as @John18D said, @MarcoMoto makes them. I’ll point him your way 👍
  6. Thanks for following guys - completed photos now up here
  7. Got this one all buttoned up now. Thanks to those that followed along with the WIP. It was almost built box stock - but then I decided to re-spoke he wheels to make them look better. I also added a few resin rivets here and there where they were missing, along with some RB Motion spark plugs. Other than that it’s all kit parts detail painted. I decided to go for a well used look like an unrestored ‘daily driver’. Something used regularly, but with 40 years worth of use and abuse so there are some marks around the tank etc to add to this effect.
  8. @Scalelabmodels is currently working on a 1:12 3D printed chain over on his Facebook page Scalelab models
  9. Looks a good challenge. Looking forward to progress and final results...
  10. That’s a good idea! If I ever do an F1 car I might give that a go 👍
  11. That’s certainly different, and an interesting look with the snake skin pattern.
  12. Only just seen this thread and you’ve made some rapid progress! If it helps, I’ve uploaded a couple of tutorials here for the chain:
  13. Nice work. The tonal variations make a big difference and break up the monotony of a single silver colour.
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