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  1. Thanks for following guys - completed photos now up here
  2. Got this one all buttoned up now. Thanks to those that followed along with the WIP. It was almost built box stock - but then I decided to re-spoke he wheels to make them look better. I also added a few resin rivets here and there where they were missing, along with some RB Motion spark plugs. Other than that it’s all kit parts detail painted. I decided to go for a well used look like an unrestored ‘daily driver’. Something used regularly, but with 40 years worth of use and abuse so there are some marks around the tank etc to add to this effect.
  3. @Scalelabmodels is currently working on a 1:12 3D printed chain over on his Facebook page Scalelab models
  4. Looks a good challenge. Looking forward to progress and final results...
  5. That’s a good idea! If I ever do an F1 car I might give that a go 👍
  6. That’s certainly different, and an interesting look with the snake skin pattern.
  7. Only just seen this thread and you’ve made some rapid progress! If it helps, I’ve uploaded a couple of tutorials here for the chain:
  8. Nice work. The tonal variations make a big difference and break up the monotony of a single silver colour.
  9. I’m loving watching this one come together - a true work of art!
  10. This one has been away from the bench for far too long now, so time to bring it back. front wheel has been re-spoked to match the rear one and fitted to the frame. There’s not actually that much left to do on it now, so it should go fairly quickly from here.
  11. Final build photos are up on the site here. I’ll get a final review video up soon.
  12. Here’s the compleed photos for my Ferrari 812. First off, thanks to those that followed with the WIP and watched my videos. Much appreciated. There were a couple of areas I could have improved on, but all in all I enjoyed the build.
  13. Thanks everyone. I’ve got the final video on the build series edited and uploaded now. Final photos and review will follow soon.
  14. Outstanding yet again! I have a long way to go with the CAD software, but wouldn’t even know where to start with something like that!
  15. This is truly great work Angus. Having recently got a Photon myself and starting to learn Fusion I can really appreciate the depths you have gone to. I’m sat eagerly awaiting the next updates.
  16. Wheels and tyres are now fitted, along with the rear defuser. Again, Hobby Design carbon fibre was used here. I opted to paint the wheels with Zero Paints metallic grey as I didn’t fancy going with silver or black. I think it sets it off nicely. Brake callipers were detailed up with the use of some RB Motion bleed valves. Wheels were finished off with some Hobby Design air valves and T2M wheel nuts.
  17. Next video published for this. Photos to follow. https://youtu.be/4AzrxoA0B48
  18. Few photos of the completed interior.
  19. Next video is published. Took a new approach to editing this one which didn’t turn out that great, but hopefully I’ve learned so next ones will he better
  20. Apologies for the over saturated photos, but I got some new 2k hardener so was able to get it cleared and polished so here are the results. I decided to give the Hobby Design carbon decals a try and I got good results. They conform nice and with no tears. A little more work that SMS, but that’s mainly due to them being a little thicker.
  21. Hmm - thought I’d posted the next video on here, but seems not so here it is: https://youtu.be/rmb0Af8TT2I
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