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  1. baggen

    Lotus 49

    What an awesome model! Absolutely superb! Love the detail work on the engine and the suspension-parts. Totally agree with mueller: By far the best Lotus 49 I've seen. A model to be very proud of! Regards, //Paul
  2. Hi all,This is my very first motorcycle-build. It’s the Tamiya CB750F (item 14006). For this model I’ve used several kind’s of nuts, bolds, screws, wires from different suppliers like Top studio, Hobby Design, RB Motion, Prime Miniatures and Knupfer in Germany.All the pre-chromed parts have been stripped, and replaced with Alclad’s Chrome and Baremetal Foil.The red color is mixed by a great supplier here in Sweden (Bilfärgspecialisten i Piteå) https://www.bilfarg.se/kontakt/. They used the recipe from Honda (Bourgogne Candy Red).The engine have been coated with Alclads Aluminium and their Polished Aluminium. Besides that I’ve only used Tamiya’s colors.I hope you like it. Personally I think this bike (in the real world) is absolutely gorgeous! Best wishes,//Paul
  3. baggen

    Honda RC166

    Wow! That's great news! Can't wait to get my hands on that issue. //Paul
  4. baggen

    Honda RC166

    Hi Imster, What a beautiful model!! Looks absolutely stunning. Great work! Since I'm about to start building this kit, I wonder what color you used for the engine block (the goldish color)? Regards, //Paul