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  1. Thanks Mueller. Really pleased how it turned out.
  2. Here is my completed GPZ900. Aoshima kit fitted with ZX-RR swingarm, forks, wheels and brakes. Painted in candy green automotive paint with kit decals and tamiya clear. Thanks for looking Lee
  3. Got the GPZ back on its wheels. Still quite a bit to do but I'm happy with the progress
  4. Once you make new crossmembers. As I had to leave out the section of the frame that holds the standard shock. Which meant I had to make new rear engine mounts aswell
  5. Here is my latest WIP. Aoshima gpz fitted with Kawasaki ZX-RR wheels,swingarm and brakes. Had to scratch build some crossmembers and rear shock mounts
  6. Here is my latest completed build. Modified with RC30 wheels, brakes and suspension. Scratch built suspension mounts and exhaust. Tamiya racing blue paint with Tamiya clear. Thanks for looking Lee
  7. Thanks Mueller I'm really pleased how it came out
  8. Here is my first completion of 2020. Modified a GPZ 900 swing arm modified to twin shock mounts. Also fitted three spoke Marchesini wheels and straight bars with GPZ levers Thanks for looking Lee
  9. Thanks imster. You have to give it a go! i enjoy building hot rods and modifying models and solving the problems that turn up when you start altering parts.
  10. Here is my version of the Revell 66 Chevy suburban. I have lowered it by fitting a Motobitz front crossmember and suspension and scratch building a rear crossmember to take coilover shocks and notching the frame for axle clearance. I have also scratch built the exhaust as the kit one would no longer fit as the car now sits so low. Wheels are Motobitz resin 22" with the kit hub caps. Paint is Tamiya rattle can French blue with a pearl white roof and finished with Tamiya clear. Thanks for looking, Lee
  11. thanks imster nearly finished this one just wrapping up the exhaust as i had to scratch build it so i can get ground clearance. Lee
  12. Got some paint on the body and now on with the interior
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