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  1. Thanks Mueller I'm really pleased how it came out
  2. Here is my first completion of 2020. Modified a GPZ 900 swing arm modified to twin shock mounts. Also fitted three spoke Marchesini wheels and straight bars with GPZ levers Thanks for looking Lee
  3. Thanks imster. You have to give it a go! i enjoy building hot rods and modifying models and solving the problems that turn up when you start altering parts.
  4. Here is my version of the Revell 66 Chevy suburban. I have lowered it by fitting a Motobitz front crossmember and suspension and scratch building a rear crossmember to take coilover shocks and notching the frame for axle clearance. I have also scratch built the exhaust as the kit one would no longer fit as the car now sits so low. Wheels are Motobitz resin 22" with the kit hub caps. Paint is Tamiya rattle can French blue with a pearl white roof and finished with Tamiya clear. Thanks for looking, Lee
  5. thanks imster nearly finished this one just wrapping up the exhaust as i had to scratch build it so i can get ground clearance. Lee
  6. Got some paint on the body and now on with the interior
  7. Thanks Mueller. I would call it a street rod. cheers Lee
  8. Here is my latest WIP its the Revel 66 Chevy suburban. I have lowered the car by scratch building a new rear cross member so i could fit coil over shocks instead of the standard coils and springs. At the front i have removed the whole standard front suspension and fitted a resin independent front end from Motobitz. The wheels are also from Motobitz and are scale 22 inch with custom offset. So far i have painted the chassis and wheels and are now onto painting the interior. I am going to paint it Tamiya french blue with a pearl white roof. Thanks for looking Lee
  9. thanks Imster i am really pleased the way it turned out. Lee
  10. Thanks Mark. Im still trying to work the exhaust on my Katana and then i will be able to finish it. Lee
  11. Thanks imster its all completed and in the finished section. Lee
  12. Thanks Mueller. I am still working out the exhaust but i have got a little side tracked and looking at a turbo set up for it. cheers Lee
  13. Here is my completed Tamiya CB750. I modified it by fitting Ducati 888 forks, wheels and brakes. I braced the swingarm and modified the kit exhaust to make twin megaphone pipes. its painted Tamiya black with Tamiya clear. Thanks for looking Lee
  14. Thanks Meuller. Yep they are carbon brakes.
  15. Thanks guys. Meuller i am calling it a CB900 as the decal sheet has decals for the 900 so i thought why not! I have now got the chassis on its wheels and fitted the exhaust just a few other things to add such as the sidestand ,footpegs and throttle. Here are a few more pics of the progress. Thanks for looking Lee
  16. Thanks for the great comments guys. Lee
  17. Here is my finished Revell 67 Corvette. Built box stock apart from the wheels from the Revell 32 ford. painted Tamiya Titanium gold over silver with Tamiya clear. Thanks for looking. Lee
  18. Here is my version of the Tamiya CB750 custom tuned. So far i have fitted the forks, wheels and brakes from the Ducati 888 superbike and braced the swingarm and made the exhaust into two megaphone exhausts. I have also modified the clocks so i could keep the tacho. I modified some aluminium belmouths for a F1 race car to fit the carbs. Thanks for looking Lee
  19. not really. I have painted it mat black Meuller. Here are a few photos of the painted body, it s Tamiya Titanium gold over silver with Tamiya clear. I am letting it harden for a few dyas and then i will be foiling the window frames and polishing. Thanks for looking Lee
  20. A bit more progress on this. Got the chassis and interior finished now on to painting the body. Thanks for looking Lee
  21. I scored this recently on ebay for a good price. I was going to use it for another project but when i opened it i decided to build it. i am going to build it box stock apart from the wheels i am using the wheels from a revell 32 ford that have been dechromed. So far i have painted the chassis and suspension and painted the wheels. her are a few photos and a mock up of what it will look like. Thanks for looking Lee
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