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  1. Here we go guys, chain detailed, rebuilt suspension, painted bodywork in silver for clubs 25th celebrations...more to follow... Mark D
  2. Nice Work Nino, engine weathering is subtle & the added mesh to the openings look great... look forward to some more bikes from you! Mark D
  3. Great build Lee, every bit a cafe racer!!!🏍🏍 look forward to the Katana special... MarkDπŸ˜‰
  4. Thanks Karl, you are 100% right about it being pretty simple & I hope to get some much needed detail in the right places...I don’t think I will get to your level yet but we will see how it goes...πŸ₯΄ started with some engraving on the chain to improve its looks rebuilding the rear shock & spring o some pictures to follow... Mark D πŸ˜‰
  5. Hi Guys, started my new project of a Protar MV Augusta F4 as my V-Max hit a snag so here's the stage it is at, trial assembly of parts & front forks rebuilt using stainless & brass tubing...handle bar rebuilt,...rebuilding brake calipers...cleaning up swing arm...updates to follow...
  6. yep, definately a Duke engine great work Karl...roll on the updates! Mark D
  7. Great, I am on it now....this should be good... Mark D
  8. Nice completion to a labour of love! mean son of a b*tch bike.... Love the pictures as it looks studio like! Roll on your next bike build? Mark D
  9. Nice work Lee, big open carbs...can't beat it.... Mark D
  10. Yep, based on your build, I did the same & ordered the detail set.... Mark D
  11. Damn, thats looks fine! some engineering skills you have there Karl, Cannot wait to see the finished bike in all its glory! Mark D
  12. Yes Karl, Aoshima Yamaha SR400, never built Aoshima before but enjoyed the kit...on with a Yamaha Vmax as my next Aoshima bike kit! (but keen to start the R..P....K....🏍) πŸ˜‹....
  13. Just watched the build up on youtube...brilliant! really sets me up for my next builds.... thanks Mark D
  14. loving it Mueller!...great minds think alike as I have just recieved some Meng nuts / bolts sets in large size...ideal! just bought some detail sets for my (hopefully!) next project of Yamaha R1s (old & new) & the superb Kawaski H2R...
  15. Hope these have loaded okay πŸ˜‹ pictures of the bike I passed my test on...good memories...😁
  16. hi guys...still cannot get my other bikes on yet...trouble with my computor still, the Norton is indeed Protar with some detailing & the wire wheel spokes are 0.6mm stainless steel bridal pins. I made them using a jig which was MDF & plastic card. general clean up of the links with scribing & connecting rods of brass, stainless steel & some home made rear shocks. Chain was detailed by grinding out between links with a dental burr & washed over with black over a gun metal base coat. Thanks for the comments...
  17. Hey Mueller, impressed with your figure...another one of my loves... what is the figure & the company called? mark D
  18. well, uploaded one & the rest will not go?? try again later..
  19. Hi Guys, recently joined up the forum...likeing what I see... Bikes & figures are my 'go to' modelling but will try anything which takes my fancy! heres a couple of my Bikes to start...
  20. Wow! that looks the dog's do dahs.... well, I hope mine looks half as bad ass as yours does! really appreciate it if you can loan me the file for the decals...mark.dollery@ntlworld.com Top Man Mueller!
  21. Sorry for the late reply Mueller, thank you for the information...I will have to try to replicate it... Mark
  22. Nice work Mueller, I have this bike myself! Just a question, what font did you use for the 'Red Porshe killer' logo, I need to make some myself if I can... Mark D
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