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  1. I stand totally corrected Dallas. Good job 😉
  2. Looks fantastic Dallas, like the tarnished look of the mirrors. I think the headlight lense should be horizontal tho....😐 Cheers Doc
  3. So good to see an old Airfix kit being resurrected from the grave and look forward to seeing this one come together. It is very difficult to resist adding detail but I'm sure once you get the fit issues sorted this will be a cracker. I picked up a 1/24 Hurricane original boxing a while ago for £9 and its 'in the stash' waiting to go, mind you it has been there for about 10 years! Cheers Doc
  4. No problem Imraan, as expected you are making such a better job of it than I ever could! The RB Motion kit is labelled as a 'sidepod kit' but as you can see with over 650 parts it is so much more than that. The kits are rare with only 20-30 being manufactured and the one time I did see one for sale it went for over $1000. Of course you still need the skill on show here to create a masterpiece. Sorry to hear of the stall Imster but keep plugging away its looking real special. Doc
  5. Hold on Imster, just pulling up a chair. Looking forward to what you have planned Doc
  6. Despite all she threw at you I think it turned out a real stunner Kev, and one to be proud of. If you hadn't pointed out the issues I don't think anyone would notice and the paint finish is superb. Lets hope the next one tries not to trip you up so much, possibly a Tamiya offering Thanks for sharing your build. Doc
  7. John, let me see what I can find and I will send them your way FOC. Doc
  8. In the immortal words of Mr Frank Carson ' That's a Cracker! ' . Great build Dallas and some lovely detail in there. What happened to the catch bottle at the front end? Doc
  9. Thx all, really appreciate your comments and from such esteemed builders. Doc
  10. Superb work as always Sandro. Great livery for this bike and exhaust work is sublime. Doc
  11. Thx guys. John the decals I had intended to print to decal paper and use these, however metallic stripes could not be reproduced so I used chrome gold vinyl, benefits of owning a sign company I have plenty of coloured vinyl offcuts for this work, the downside is the extra thickness a vinyl sticker produces on the surface. So all the logos and sponsor decals reproduced and printed to clear vinyl. I printed a ton of spares so can send them to you if your interested in a Merkel Rumi bike. As for the violet colour I still think my colour is a little off and needs to be hint redder but by the 3rd colour mixing attempt I lost patience and went for it. A closer starting point might have been this https://www.hiroboy.com/Jaguar_XJR8_Silk_Cut_Paint_Set_2x30ml--product--4930.html from Zero. Hope this helps Doc
  12. Very nice idea and great model. Almost as bright as the X1 I'm building Love the race planes and any spit with a griffon up front should give the Mustangs a run for their money. Doc
  13. I've started to put freshly painted parts into a sealed plastic box to dry, so straight from the airbrush booth and into the sealed tub. Helps stop airbourne particles settling on the wet surface, especially if you are using the airing cupboard to dry them, more fluff and fibres than anywhere else in the house to be honest! Doc
  14. Good to see you are still fighting the good fight Kev! Some models you just have to chalk up to experience and move on, worse case is a model you have lost interest in and the hobby becomes a chore. I think the finish will be great but I know you are a perfectionist. There is always the next kit to start fresh. Keep at it. Doc
  15. Looks beautiful so far D ! As someone who has researched this beast way too much everything looks spot on so far. Between yours and Imster's build I'm not sure I will ever have the courage to show mine here. Looking forward to the progress. Doc
  16. Hellsbells Kev, I thought my RC30 was putting up a fight but this one is battling to the last! I've had the same masking result if I've not allowed the paint to dry long enough, patience not being my strong points. Also had the same on some dry finishes and a few occasions managed to get rid of the glue residue with white spirit and cotton bud. If you are unsure when you get to the same stage next time, put a layer of clear down to protect the paint layer, future or similar, then you can use a spirit to remove glue. Maybe a few light coats next time followed by a wet coat, but well thinned. Great metallic grey colour match BTW and look forward to seeing this one edge towards the finish line. Doc
  17. Hi Guys The second Honda VFR750 build completed to compliment the previous Rumi bike. An exercise for me to make racebikes from the Tamiya road going RC30. This one depicts the 1993 TT F1 winning machine of Nick Jefferies. This one was a battle and put up a good fight, a few details to finish but this is going in the cabinet for now. Although I used the kit wheels the modifications included the whole front end from a Ducati 916 for the inverted forks and duel endurance fuel filler and scratchbuilt end can which is longer than standard. Custom decals and incorporating the Hobby Design detail set for chain and engine detail. As with the previous build the standard fairing has headlight opening filled. Thx for looking Doc
  18. Superb clean showroom build Dino, I'm impressed. Doc
  19. But the only player in the game if you want to build a GSXR... Coming together really well Kev. The bodywork looks fine, a little micromesh before the final coat should be fine. I have heard that a mist coat of neat levelling thinner over the wet coat gives a great finish but as Dallas says a good few coats of Zero 2K clear covers a multitude of sins. Cheers Doc
  20. That is a pain Kev, but I'm sure you will solve it and that what makes a better modeller. I've probably only completed a handful of models I have been completely satisfied with and although you know the faults they will probably be invisible to people viewing your work. The progress looks great, hang in there. Doc
  21. Great detailing and oil wash looks spot on. Did the kit frame have the internal box section or was that scratched? Doc
  22. Got the Rumi RC30 build finished this week and onto the second RC30 to complete the double build. A few photos of the completed model. I'll post some more photos in the completed section, thanks for looking. Doc
  23. Apparently AK Metallic Smoke is pretty close to the grey you need. HTH Doc
  24. So after a few paint attempts I finally got a purple colour close and passable. The colour should be slightly lighter and a shade more blue but ended up using this one as after 3 attempts I was losing patience! The bodywork just chucked on for a few photos, still plenty of work to complete and have to strip down for plumbing and electrical work. So the custom decals produced and clear coated but the finish not yet polished. The white printed decals seem a little translucent even with 2 passes of white. The rear seat unit had the 2 vents added to rear and plumbed from the catch tank on the rear subframe. Please excuse the hurried phone pics but thought I would show the progress. All the best Doc
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