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  1. I agree with Imran - very nicely done. Did you use the Zero paint set for the 1999? What paint manufacturer and code did you use to paint the bodywork? Cheers John
  2. wow Thanh - looks like you are moving along quicker with the YZR now. You did a great job of applying the carbon fiber decals to the airbox - which clearcoat did you use? Thanh I hope to get back to building bike models in April some time - I have to set up my work station again. did you send Mac and email to order some of the Pit walk MotoGP Archive books? he has most of them - they are the best book reference books with excellent photos of the motoGP bikes. What are you using for the wiring on the bike? - are you using the silver wire from the Top Studio set and then painting the wire "black" ?? - what black are you using if it is paint. Look forward to seeing more. Cheers John
  3. No worries Thanh - my comment of the exhaust tip should be blue/purple hue not gold is just my opinion - if you want it to have the gold tone that is fine - the thing is you are getting better with each build you do and the exhaust is getting more and more realistic. I used to race superbikes here in the USA on the regional and National level before I was paralyzed in an accident and I remember well when titanium exhausts first started replacing the stainless steel race exhaust systems - In the early 1990's Russia flooded the international market for titanium which lowered its cost because there was such an over supply on the international market so because titanium was cheap they started using it a lot in the motorcycle industry to drop weight and add that exotic flavor of titanium. Even some street exhaust systems were made in titanium because the price had come down so much. look for some of the "Pit Walk " motoGP books at Mac's modeling or Hiroboy - they have really good pictures of the exhaust pipes on the motoGP bikes. see the link below http://www.macsmodeling.com/mysite/F1 Stuff.htm The last link is the "Reference Materials" tab scroll down to the bottom and you will see the "Pit Walk" motoGP Archive books - these are the best book reference for MotoGP Cheers John
  4. Thanh - the YZR M1 is coming along very well I think you have done a much better job of the heat staining on the exhaust pipe on this build than on the RC213V Are you using the AlClad heat staining colors? - I think the tip if the exhaust can is a little over done - usually this far away from the engine it has more of a blue or purple hue than the gold color you have used - They use titanium on race pipes not stainless steel so the color is more to the blue/purple range than gold - on stainless exhausts the colors are mostly golds. Anyhow my point is you are making very good improvements The rest of the engine detail is awesome - keep up the great work you are doing. Cheers John
  5. wow Dallas - this has to be the best Alfa 155 I have ever seen The extent of detail you added is truly amazing - all the scratch build detail parts and the CF decaling Really a beautiful build. Cheers John.
  6. Hello Thanh - any new updates for this bike build? You built the Honda RC213V really well and very fast Did you stop the Yamaha build for some reason? Cheers John
  7. Thanh - when you build the Hobby Design chain - show us how you did it okay Pictures and explanations - okay Cheers John
  8. wow Thanh - it didn't take you long to get quite far a long with the build Looking pretty good - the engine looks well painted - did you use a wash on it? what type of "wash" to bring out the details Cheers John
  9. Wow Andrea - looks really good so far Well done hiding the screws with resin bolt heads Cheers John
  10. Merry Christmas Thanh I will follow your build of the Estoril kit - I have some of these kits to build too. Do lots of WIP pictures Thanh like you did on the RC213V Cheers John
  11. Very cool Yuki - a great addition to all the Panigale builds I like the exhaust - much better than the original style cans Cheers John
  12. Thanh - Very well done for a beginner - add some pictures of the bodywork on the stand Cheers John
  13. Thanh - you have done an excellent job at building this kit with the Top Studio super detail set - kudos to you for a beginner. One thing though - sand out the molding line on the center of the tires - usually some 240 grit sand paper will give the tires that fresh "scrubbed in" look The chain came out looking great Thanh - I need to try and make one again - lol i look forward to seeing how your bodywork stand looks with the bodywork attached. Cheers John
  14. Thanh - when you used the mr. color paints - how much did you "thin" them with the mr. color thinner 400 ?? What ratio of paint to thinner did you use? I have never used mr. color paints before so any help would be great. Thank you in advance Cheers John ps. excellent job on the chain - how much time did it take you to build the whole chain?
  15. Ha Ha Ha Ha Thanh - yes that is the only down side to the Top Studio chains - very time consuming even if you get everything correct and the chain doesn't fall apart when you try to turn it over to do the links on the other side. What type of "glue" did you use to hold the links in place before you turned over the assembly to do the other side? Can you post a picture of it? That is where I have had problems - turning the assembly over without the links falling off and getting mixed up even with white glue applied - very frustrating Hey Thanh - I just realized that the chain strip on the left in the picture is missing the partial link piece for connecting to another length of chain like the length on the right side of the picture. Anyhow looking good so far only another 6-8 hours to finish the chain - lol Cheers John
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