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  1. Yes Thanh the man that started T2M started back in 2007. It is too sad that his health went bad and he closed the business. They made a lot of really cool parts for the 1/12 bikes and some 1/24 cars too. Hopefully Johnson at Top Studio will make more of the T2M parts over time Cheers John
  2. Thanh - most people don't know the difference between "black" or "grey" in the exhaust tips - I only know because I used to race bikes and we would look at the tips to determine the settings of jets and needles in the carburetors - it was a quick way to check the fuel/air mixtures. - too rich you lose power and too lean you can damage the engine and overheat it. My point was that you are paying attention to that level of detail which is a very good thing - most people just paint the outside of the exhaust and don't think about the inside of the tips. Apple is good quality because the parts are made here in the USA and the shipped to China for assembly because labor is cheap there - most made in China products are crap - they do not last - some are good but it is a rarity. In the 70's it was the same with made in Japan - lots of crap - but over the years Japan has realized if you want repeat customers you must produce a quality product and so now most of the products from Japan and South Korea are very good - they have concentrated on "quality control". At this point China has a lot of problems with "quality control". Yes to day there are many manufacturers that are very good at producing parts for building models - but the detail parts are not cheap - you pay as much for a 1/12 scale bolt as a real 1/1 bolt - lol Cheers John
  3. Thanh - EXCELLENT work on the RC211V - You should be very proud and pleased of your work on this build - it is every bit as good as any other build on the Forum Thanh - look at how far you have progressed since the RC213V - OUTSTANDING improvement in such a short time. Your next improvement will be when you use 2K clear - that will allow you to polish the clear more and produce a flawless smooth and glossy finish on the bodywork - so save up for that paint extractor booth. I got one here in the USA for about $75 usd back 4 years ago but the prices are still about the same on eBay - that is probably the best place to find one from China. Everything comes from China now-a-days - lol in the 1970's everything was "made in Japan" now it's all "made in China" - lol Also Thanh I like the "black" paint on the rear wheel stand - that's a change - most people paint is silver or some aluminum color Also - the subtle "black" you painted inside the tips of the exhaust to simulate the "soot" from the exhaust gases - just so you know it should be a light "flat" or "matt" grey - when the exhaust tips have black in them the engine is running too "rich" - too much fuel - back in the old 2-stroke days it was common to avoid a "lean seizure" of the engine which would lockup the engine and launch the rider over the handlebars - ouch - with todays bikes have fuel injection and the bikes never run "rich" in fact they have a "lean" selector to minimize fuel usage so they can make the restricted fuel limit last the length of the race. Small difference in color - at least Thanh you are addressing things like the inside of the exhaust tips - that is the little things that make a build better than someone that does not address such detailed things. Kudos Thanh - you are becoming one of the great builders on the forum - your work is fast and clean and detailed - very good work Cheers John
  4. WOW Andrea - excellent work with the decals - it looks quite complicated as it is not just one decal but several. Did you use a decal setting solution? which one? Thanks for the info on the frame and engine. Cheers John Andrea - was there ample decal for the small "blue" vent on the right side bodywork panel? or did you have to use some paint? - the "blue" vent just above the black decal on the right lower panel?
  5. Andrea and Thanh - The black "wrap" that you are seeing on the Kevlar brakes lines in the photo posted by Thanh is to protect the brake lines in the event of a crash - Kevlar brake lines can be abraided by the asphalt track when the bike goes down - that "black cover" is to protect the brake lines in a crash so the rider can remount and continue racing - not all bikes use it and I have seen races where it was on and races where it was not. It is just a protective cover for the Kevlar brake lines. Cheers John
  6. Wow Thanh - I just now saw your last 2 posts - Looks really good. You have done excellent work on this build - Your best one to date - It is amazing how far you have come in building bikes since the RC213V. Really impressive work - I can't wait to see the rest of the build and the finished bike with the bodywork on. Your work is also very clean now no dust spots on the bike in the photos - how do you get the "white" background in the photos? Cheers John
  7. Griffo - the RC30 was a great bike but the street version suffered from fat - street weight was about 490 Lbs - and High priced with limited numbers - 200 were made available to meet homologation for WSBK in 87'- I almost bought an ex-Commonwealth Honda 93' RC30 race bike in 97' to use as a "club" racer, but the seller wouldn't let me do a lap on it first - And I never bought a race bike I didn't put a hot lap on. The bloke that owned it "John Hilton" was a privateer at Daytona in 93" and had crashed his RC30 in the race - since Honda was going to the RC45 in 94' the team owner of Commonwealth Honda - the factory team - just gave Hilton the factory RC30 built by HRC and all the spares at the end of the 93' season - I had the opportunity to prep the bike for a race for John in mid 97' and really considered buying it seriously, but didn't as he wouldn't let me take it for a lap to see how the bike ran - I never made him an offer because of that. I had a 86' VFR750 - which was my foray into superbikes - it was the same type of bike that many USA AMA superbike champions won on when Honda was racing them - Both Wayne Rainey and Bubba Shobert won AMA national championships on them and also many regional club champions. It was the initial cost of the RC30 $12,999 usd in 87' plus the high cost of the 3 levels of HRC race kits and spares that limited the bike's use by privateers - Suzuki's were much cheaper and paid better contingency money to race a GSXR-750. In the USA Honda only really started paying contingency money with the CBR600 F2 and CBR600 F3 in the early 90's. Suzuki was always the cheaper bang for the buck than the other manufacturers in the USA bike racing scene making them the logical choice for privateers. Despite that fact - I only ever raced Honda machines - cost a little more initially but well worth it. When Honda puts their mind to it, they make fantastic - excellent quality bikes - WSBK has been one place where Honda has not put in the money in the last 10-15 years and it shows. Not sure how well Bautista and the new Honda CBR900RR-R would have done in WSBK this year' and it looks like this season for WSBK is a wash so maybe next year?? Who knows Sorry Andrea didn't mean to Hijack your thread Andrea - I would love to see some of your WIPs for the race bikes on your Gallery - you have some really nice builds on it. or even some larger and more photos of those builds on the Gallery Cheers John
  8. Andrea - I am sure there will be a company that will make the "Blue/White" European version too just like the "red" European version that is produced by Studio Rosso out of Japan. As for finding a real 86'-87' GSXR-750 for sale good luck Andrea I think they all got converted to racebikes and eventually crashed. That GSXR-750 was such a popular bike when it first came out - It is the Grandfather of all modern day Superbikes. Andrea what paint manufacturer and paint number did you use for the frame and swing arm and the engine? - they look very accurate. Also the carburetors look very realistic - did you apply a "wash" to them? If you did apply a wash which wash did you use ? Please tell us more about what you are doing and what colors you are using - You are one of the really good builders on the Forum Andrea - share with us what you are doing. I still remember your Fujimi FZR-750 "Tech21" build - That was really well done - not too many of those have been on any forums and yours was the best I have seen The paint work on the body panels of the GSXR looks good from the photo see if you can post some closer shots so we can see them better. Like you did the under-seat plastic part - that was good. Also a closer shot of the brakes and the chain and the forks so we can get a better look at the kit parts. I am going to wait on building my GSXR-750's in the hope that Hobby Design or Top Studio make a detail set in the next year or two. I think that when this virus is over and China gets back on line there will be a lot of new detail sets for the kits that have been released. Cheers John Also Andrea - I looked at your Gallery - where's the Tech21 YZR-750 ? and you have some builds there completed that I don't remember seeing any WIP done for them? Do you have more WIPs that you can post of the other builds from your Gallery? I would love to see more of the race bikes from the gallery in WIP form . You do excellent work and everything is so clean. John
  9. Andrea - That is the decals of the European version for 1986 not 1987 - in the USA we did not get the "red" Hasegawa version in 1986 only the "blue/white" version that Europe got - in the USA in 1987 we got the "red" 1986 European version and a "blue" version of the 1986 European version - The USA always seemed to be behind in the paint "decal" schemes of Europe back then. In the 1990's we had some Honda CBR900RR and some CBR600 F-3 paint "decal schemes that Europe did not get mostly the "Smoking Joe;s" where Europe had the "Castrol" green/red "decal" paint schemes that we did not get. The various markets around the world get the schemes that are popular for their markets. It was the success that "Privateers" played in the USA that brought the USA up to date and in some instances ahead of Europe in the bike selling markets. The success of bike racing in the USA from the mid- 1980's to the late 1990's which brought racers from around the world to race in the USA AMA National program because of the high level of competition helped spark sales of "racer replicas" to street riders all wanting a street version of what their favorite "Roadracer" was riding. During that era the USA was the breading ground for world champion roadracers. For that time period the USA was the biggest selling market for 750cc motorcycles and the Japanese manufacturers changed their marketing approach to satisfy the increased sales. Until 1995 in the USA the bike race teams were owned by "private" people and the "Factories" like Honda and Suzuki and Kawasaki and Yamaha and Ducati all paid private owners and supported them to field the "factory teams". In 1995 the Factories all took the "factory teams" in house and did everything themselves and shut out the people that used to field the teams. Private owners like Feraldo Ferraci with Ducati and Martin Adams with Honda and Vance&Hines with Yamaha - Rob Muzzy with Kawasaki and Yoshimurs who fielded the Suzuki team. Corporate headquarters took the racing in house and took the racing business away from the private owners that got them to the forefront of the industry in racing. This was the beginning of the downfall in the AMA national racing program in the USA - The AMA was all to happy to take the "big money" from the Factories but when the bike sales started dropping in the early 2000's in the USA and then again in the economic crisis in 2007-2009 - the Factories all pulled their advertising dollars out of the AMA National racing program and bike racing in the USA almost completely died - the level of competition fell and the foreign riders stopped coming. Now the breeding ground for racers is the British Superbike Series for WSBK champions - many USA WSBK champions went on to be World GP and MotoGP Champions. The USA bike racing program still suffers terribly and all we really have for a National program is Moto America which can hardly field a dozen bikes for a given race - Sad. Back in the mid 90's here in the USA so many racers showed up for a race that they sent racers home that couldn't qualify within a certain time and the maximum riders for many tracks was 44 bikes per race - except for Daytona 200 which cut the field off at 88 bikes. Now they will let anyone that shows up race just to have bikes on the grid. SAD state of affairs racing bikes has become in the USA. The National program got greedy with the Factory money and when the factory money pulled out so went National program. The same thing happened to WSBK - at least the WSBK saw what was happening in the USA and took steps to keep the "Private" owners in WBSK and NOT have the Factory Corporations take over the race teams. Bike sales are really suffering in the USA now and the USA is probably no longer the world's sales leader in 600cc and up like they used to be. Millennials "generation" do not ride motorcycles like the generations before in the USA - even Harley Davidson "American motorcycle" company cannot sell bikes here. I see them filing for bankruptcy in the future as older riders get old and die. There is no new younger people in the USA interested in bikes. They just want to live in their parents basements and play video games - They are lazy - Very Sad State of Affairs here with the younger generations. Cheers John
  10. Wow Andrea - this looks really good - I have this kit and recently ordered the "Red" version that was in Europe - Hasegawa just released it. I will follow your build on this GSX-R Any new updates? Cheers John Griffo - You are correct the 86' Suzuki GSX- R750 was a revolutionary bike when it came out - it was the superbike of choice for the Privateer road racer and Suzuki had quite a contingency program to pay racers that finished it the top 3 positions on a GSX-R750 The bike that made the next revolution was the 93' Honda CBR900RR in the USA and the rest of the world it was the CBR900 Fireblade - I started my racing career on the CBR900RR - what a beast that bike was - the power of a unlimited superbike that weighed less than a 600cc sportbike. - My race bike weighed the minimum 365 pounds for the class and it was easy to meet that without expensive titanium parts - the stock CBR900RR street weight was 412 Lbs and the CBR600 was 435Lbs Crazy light weight high powered torquey engine that would power wheelie out of the corners so easily.- those where the days Cheers John
  11. Thanh - you should be proud of your builds - you have built very good models with airbrushing and detail sets - each in less than a month's time.That is commendable - also every model has an imperfection or flaw - just most people do not see it - only the builder knows where it is. I have a slight delay with my stay in the hospital - it looks like I will only be getting released to go to the assisted living facility next week Friday - I was supposed to go there this Friday, Oh well it's just another week. My girlfriend said that a lot of the items I ordered have arrived at my apartment - the Tamiya LP paints and some of the Mr Color paints I ordered and 5 new kits that I ordered while I have been in the hospital. - another month or so and I will be home finally. Any new updates Thanh - or are you going to wait for the weekend? Cheers John
  12. Thanh because of the first "lock down" in China for the virus and now the second one - I expect that most places will not have Top Studio detail parts in inventory until some time next year - the same with Hobby design - both of those companies are in China - and when the Chinese Communist Party closes things down - everything is stopped. I think both the Top Studio stands for the RC211V and the Yamaha YZR M1 are no longer in production - I asked my friend Mac a while to look into ordering me some direct from Top Studio, but he said that Top Studio was not making the earlier parts anymore. Also I noticed that Top Studio has raised the prices of their detail parts. Cheers John Hey Thanh - I have to stop emailing for now - I have to go to the Xray to xray my back - I will be back on the forum tonight in about 10 hours - Thanks Thanh - good chatting with you John
  13. Your builds already have Thanh - you have inspired me to get back to building models - I know your WIP builds will inspire many more now and in the future. A new model builder seeing your improvement in such a short time will inspire many more new people to the hobby. One of the things I have learned from you Thanh - is not to try and make the model "too perfect" - it takes too long and then you lose interest and stop working on it. I have learned from you it is better to have the model finished than too accurate and not finished. I used to take 6 months to finish a model and that is too long to stay motivated. I need to build them quicker like you so that I maintain my interest - You have taught me that Thanh. Cheers John
  14. Thanh - I have about $1000 usd of T2M detail parts that I bought and collected over the years from my friend Mac at Mac's Modeling here in Arizona - I have many packages of all the stuff they made that I will keep for all my builds - when I heard that the T2M owner was sick from my Friend Mac - I bought up a lot of T2M stuff that was available at hobby shops around the world because I knew there would not be any more. BnA ModelWorld is the last place that has any inventory - My Friend Mac who has a model shop business told me the man "Johnson" that owns the Top Studio company bought many of the trade rights from T2M and they are making some of the same parts as T2M made. See the Top Studio parts from TD23220 - TD23257 - all those bolts and parts were originally made by T2M in titanium and brass - Top Studio is making them in aluminum and brass - hopefully they will make more of the T2M detail parts Cheers John
  15. Thanh - don't sell yourself short - you are capable of building just as good a 84' NSR500 You can use Imster's build as a guide and maybe even add some new ways to do things. You can build just as good as Imster - maybe on the 84' NSR500 take more time and go a little slower and make the build more perfect to scale. Cheers John
  16. Thanh - thanks for the link - yes I have that one too - they are the only ones left with any T2M inventory - once that is gone there is no more - unless Top Studio decides to make more of the T2M detail parts. John
  17. Thanh - look on this website under the WIP motorcycles - Imster built a really good Tamiya 84' NSR500 - look back thru the forum WIP motorcycles and see his build - it will give you some great ideas. John
  18. Oh great - there are detail set for all of those both Top Studio and Hobby Design but they may be hard to find because the detail sets were made a few years ago I'm sure you can still get the detail sets from Top Studio but the Hobby Design ones may be harder to find - especially since China is in a second "lock down" because of the virus and Hobby Design is not making kits right now. John Thanh - if you cannot find the Tamiya fork set for the 84' NSR500 I have an extra one I think
  19. There is a Hobby Design and a Top studio detail set for the Hasegawa kits but not for the Tamiya ones. The Tamiya 98'-01' NSR500 makes a nice kit all by itself - The Tamiya 91' NSR250 is not that good of a kit. The Hasegawa ones are really nice - I have all of them NSR250 - NSR500 and RS250W Cheers John
  20. Thanh - where did you get the T2M throttle cable tensioners from? T2M went out of business because the owner got sick - Top Studio bought the rights to some of the detail parts like the machined "bolts" and "nut studs" - - maybe Top Studio will make more of the T2M stuff - T2M made some really great machined detail parts. Cheers John
  21. You are probably correct Thanh - you might break too many small parts if you try to remove the exhausts on the RC213V - - That is why I recommended you get the AlClad II metal paints when you were building the RC213V - - Maybe at some point you will build another RC213V and you can build an improved version of the first one by doing a more realistic heat stain effect on the exhaust pipes. Of all the bike models the RC211V and RC213V have the most challenging exhaust pipes to airbrush because of all the curves on the pipes. Your RC213V was pretty good except for the exhaust pipes. We all learn a little more with each build. I will be getting out of the hospital this Friday and then I will be going to an assisted living facility in the town where I live for 3-4 weeks so I can get my strength back doing physical rehab so I can go home and live on my own again - so hopefully by the end of July - I will be able to do some work on my models again. I have several that I was working on before I had to go into the hospital and I want to finish them for a model contest in Phoenix Arizona next April 2021. I have the Tamiya Kawasaki ZX-RR and a 1/25 Revell Lemans Corvette GT-2 and a 1/24 Revell Lemans Ferrari 458 GT-3 and a 1/24 Fujimi Porsche Lemans GT3-RSR "Flying Lizard" and then a 1/24 Fujimi BMW Z4 Japan GT-500. After I get those finished then I want to get back to building more motoGP kits - I will probably stop building 1/24 and 1/25 scale cars because my eyes are not that good anymore. I also have most all of the Tamiya 1/20 Formula one kits that I will never build - so I will sell off all the 1/24 - 1/25 - 1/20 kits I have on eBay - I probably have 300 kits between those scales to sell on eBay. I need to thin out my collection and only build 1/12 racing cars and bikes. Thanh - have you decided what you will build next? Cheers John
  22. Thanh you did a really great job on the heat staining of the exhausts Did you airbrush the "blue" after the "yellow" ? - - I think you did? You don't have any of the "green" effect that occurs when people spray the yellow on the blue. Maybe you can remove the exhaust on the RC213V you did and repaint those exhaust too more like this work on the RC211V. Anyway well done Cheers John
  23. It all looks really good Thanh. You are working cleaner and faster with each build. Did you have to cut the Hobby Design chain to fit into the swingarm? where did you make the cut at? Very impressive so far Thanh Cheers John
  24. lol - some people are lucky Thanh - they do not develop "presbyopia". My eyes were good up until I was 45 years old then my near vision started to go bad. For some people the lenses in the eye get do not focus properly because the muscles that bend the lenses to focus get weak - I used to read a lot at night with little light and it caused a lot of eye strain over the years. Now I am paying the price. lol at least I can still see with glasses and a magnified light. lol Cheers John
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