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  1. Hi, Still progression both on the rear and front. Difference between before and after work on white metal parts. The small bucket doesn’t belong to the 312F1...but to a Tipo 500. I wanted to install thin aluminum sheet on the structure. Pascal
  2. Hi, Few progress and improvements. I wanted to rebuild the anti roll bar with brass, but the original is good and almost hidden behind the tank... The grills are installed on the radiator and the simulated inside tubing is still visible. A new Sandow will replace the white metal part. Pascal
  3. Hi, Small progress Preparation and installation of the hose and the serflex on the pipes of the cooling system. The tightening of the collar is simulated using aluminum foil and a piece of welding wire. Same preparation for the 2 cooling scoops. Test and alignment of the 1/2 rear axles and rods of the anti-roll bar. Pascal
  4. Hi Mates, The envy gradually returns... The Ferrari emblem area is masked in order to avoid thickness before installing the part which comes from an older MFH kit: thicker and recovered by a thin smooth plastic layer. Preparation of the front parts. Difference between parts done and TBD. Tanks temporarily installed: A bit closer Coils and ignition system done: Exhaust Test fit: Pascal
  5. Thanks! I will install the painted/clear coated rivets after the body 2K finish coat.😉 Just for fun DFV Cosworth piston and rod. Voilà. Pascal 🤗
  6. Hi, Thanks Mates! Decals session Once dry they are cleaned as well as the surrounding area. Then holes are done in the decals. More soon. Pascal
  7. Hi, A last sanding session on the metal body, then: - Primer, - Giallo Modena, - Rosso Corsa. Also started to spray primer on the first 200 metal rivets. 400 left to do... before GM&RC. Few of them will be White. Voilà. La suite bientôt! Pascal
  8. Hi, Thank you Mates! @imster: No, F1 Specialties (Perfect Parts) is no longer in business, but I still have parts! Their Safety Belts Sets were just AWESOME!! Still the best compared to all available brands! I like to work with the blackening/burnishing agent. I use Blacken’it for years on Friul tracks and metal barrels as I do on Race cars metal parts. The wheels centers of the M7A were blackened as different parts on the 1/20 312F1... and the rear stab/anti roll bar on this one! In 2words: Cool product! @mueller: Yep! These are the kit’s springs. Nice as the spring diameter is large enough. Pascal
  9. Hi, Thank you so much for the kind comments Mates. @imster: Yes Imraan. Hand painted with oils then clear coated with Klear with a paintbrush. I made some new aluminum spacers. Paint work began on the nose and upper cowling. GC Primer, then Giallo Modena: Forza!! Then time for Rosso Corsa: Forza Ferrari!! I met a small problem on the nose, but a touch up solved the issue. The Ferrari emblem place and the fittings holes were masked before clear coat. I also detailed the dampers, adding adjusting knobs made from modified F1Specialties brass electronic connectors. They were chemically burnished and a tiny adjusting screw added in the middle. A Koni decal brought the final detail. More soon Mates! Pascal
  10. OMG! OMG!OMG!! OMG!!!! 🤪🤯 Well, I gonna play 🥌 now... Pascal
  11. Good evening, Few progress on the Red Roaring Beauty! Riveting the bathtub and the bulkhead is now done. The wooden shifter knob is clear coated and test fitting is mandatory for the engine/cockpit/body subassembly. Nothing more for today. More soon Pascal
  12. Hi Mates, Thank you very much! @imster: Hi Boss, the Black used is the semi gloss black from ZP over a coat of Gravity primer. The whole steering wheel was painted with it, then treated with oils (w&N white, Sennelier Gris de Payne and Rembrandt Gris Froid).ZP demi gloss Black is very good, but the best of all is still the Humbrol 85 for me @mueller: Yes, we talk about it for few days... a 312B would have been ... a dream! I LOOOOOVE the Daytona! But this is also an open door to other beauties I need! M7A, M19, Lotus 38, 43, MS80... Pffff!... Sigh!... Pascal, the Bad Bad Boy who already ordered a Type 49!
  13. Hi, Sanding, welding, riveting... Few progress in the “office” area. Paint session, dashboard session and gear lever/selector. I was not that happy with the instruments, so I turned new ones and made brackets from aluminium foil. Then test fitting. Oils and screws added on the steering wheel and, of course, the Cavallino Rampante! Voilà. Pascal
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