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  1. Hi Mates, it’s been a long time since my last post... A new Formula 1, from 1967 (Greaaaat year!) Here are few pics of the engine. https://i.servimg.com/u/f62/12/38/43/52/dsc02314.jpg[/img] More soon. Pascal
  2. Thanks! I will install the painted/clear coated rivets after the body 2K finish coat.😉 Just for fun DFV Cosworth piston and rod. Voilà. Pascal 🤗
  3. Hi, Thanks Mates! Decals session Once dry they are cleaned as well as the surrounding area. Then holes are done in the decals. More soon. Pascal
  4. Hi, A last sanding session on the metal body, then: - Primer, - Giallo Modena, - Rosso Corsa. Also started to spray primer on the first 200 metal rivets. 400 left to do... before GM&RC. Few of them will be White. Voilà. La suite bientôt! Pascal
  5. Hi, Thank you Mates! @imster: No, F1 Specialties (Perfect Parts) is no longer in business, but I still have parts! Their Safety Belts Sets were just AWESOME!! Still the best compared to all available brands! I like to work with the blackening/burnishing agent. I use Blacken’it for years on Friul tracks and metal barrels as I do on Race cars metal parts. The wheels centers of the M7A were blackened as different parts on the 1/20 312F1... and the rear stab/anti roll bar on this one! In 2words: Cool product! @mueller: Yep! These are the kit’s springs. Nice as the spring diameter is large enough. Pascal
  6. Hi, Thank you so much for the kind comments Mates. @imster: Yes Imraan. Hand painted with oils then clear coated with Klear with a paintbrush. I made some new aluminum spacers. Paint work began on the nose and upper cowling. GC Primer, then Giallo Modena: Forza!! Then time for Rosso Corsa: Forza Ferrari!! I met a small problem on the nose, but a touch up solved the issue. The Ferrari emblem place and the fittings holes were masked before clear coat. I also detailed the dampers, adding adjusting knobs made from modified F1Specialties brass electronic connectors. They were chemically burnished and a tiny adjusting screw added in the middle. A Koni decal brought the final detail. More soon Mates! Pascal
  7. pg265

    1/20 Lotus 49

    OMG! OMG!OMG!! OMG!!!! 🤪🤯 Well, I gonna play 🥌 now... Pascal
  8. Good evening, Few progress on the Red Roaring Beauty! Riveting the bathtub and the bulkhead is now done. The wooden shifter knob is clear coated and test fitting is mandatory for the engine/cockpit/body subassembly. Nothing more for today. More soon Pascal
  9. Hi Mates, Thank you very much! @imster: Hi Boss, the Black used is the semi gloss black from ZP over a coat of Gravity primer. The whole steering wheel was painted with it, then treated with oils (w&N white, Sennelier Gris de Payne and Rembrandt Gris Froid).ZP demi gloss Black is very good, but the best of all is still the Humbrol 85 for me @mueller: Yes, we talk about it for few days... a 312B would have been ... a dream! I LOOOOOVE the Daytona! But this is also an open door to other beauties I need! M7A, M19, Lotus 38, 43, MS80... Pffff!... Sigh!... Pascal, the Bad Bad Boy who already ordered a Type 49!
  10. Hi, Sanding, welding, riveting... Few progress in the “office” area. Paint session, dashboard session and gear lever/selector. I was not that happy with the instruments, so I turned new ones and made brackets from aluminium foil. Then test fitting. Oils and screws added on the steering wheel and, of course, the Cavallino Rampante! Voilà. Pascal
  11. Thanks Mueller Brass buts are from RBMotion. Pascal
  12. Good evening Mates, Thank you Martin. No, nothing regarding the weld seams but Ican try to explain how I proceed in a next post... Tanks and tubes installed on the roll bar with serflex & Ty-Raps: Wires ready and waiting for the battery: Started to work on the coils: More quickly. Pascal
  13. Good evening Modelers, Machined bolting and washers have been installed on the wheels. An old « T » connector is modified and used to complete the front wheels brakes master cylinder. More soon. Pascal
  14. Hi Mates, Thank you very much for your kind comments! Some small progress on the Red Roaring Beauty! Test fit of the rear structure and tank. Battery and coils prepaired, masked and primed. Starting to connecting brakes and fuel pipes. Engine pan scratched. Alfa Rosso On the coils: ... And white (Titanium White GC) for the battery I hope you enjoy the WIP. More soon! Pascal
  15. Hi Mates, Still progressing on the Bella Macchina Rossa! More soon. Pascal
  16. Good evening Modelers, I worked a bit on the small metal tanks and others parts that need to be cleaned and polished. Fuel filter/distributor and water expansion tank. I also made a quick test of the pedals on the front bulkhead. Pascal
  17. Thank you Mates ? No problem at all with the metal colors. I’ve only painted the engine due to its mixed component (white metal/resin) conception. all the other metal look parts are natural... white metal. Pascal
  18. pg265

    1/20 Lotus 49

    Speechless, jaw dropping... both of them in fact!! Stonking build as usual! Pascal
  19. Thank you Imraan! yep, driveshafts are one piece. I would have liked them to have real movable gimbals... There are not too bad anyway and give strength to the transmission! Pascal
  20. pg265

    1/20 Lotus 49

    Hi, Quiiiiiiick! We need pics of that build Master Imster!!! Pascal
  21. Hi, Engine progress. I was not that happy with the kit throttle linkage... So I decided to build new ones with machined parts from RBMotion. It was also necessary to show a bit of interest regarding the exhaust and prepare the white metal parts of the Spaghetti: To prime and paint them: Other parts are just treated to be left with a natural metal finish: I prefer soldering them instead of gluing for évident reasons: I played a bit with the iron in order to replicate weld seams : The engine connected to the gear box and vice versa, and install for test fit in its compartment: Next to the small 1/20 sister : Rear brake discs before assembly on the gear box: ... and few accessories: Modification of the rear hubs in order to adapt machined parts: Time for primer: The body is drilled in order to be riveted with MFH aluminium rivet: The engine is... big. Almost the size of the 1/20 kit: Rosso Corsa GC and Semi Gloss Black ZP on the rear shocks and the steering wheel. Dull Aluminium (Alclad) on the rear hubs Test fit of the front end: Heat shield adjusted and drilled for the roll cage: Titanium White GC: Not very happy with the Dull Alu, so black Alclad is sprayed: Tubes installed in the radiator and started to work on the rear suspension components: Front brakes scoops are painted white: test fitting of the bathtub: Weld seams on the 3in1 exhaust parts: I really apologize for the poor quality of the pictures... Alclad White Alu and Klear Kote. Paint family picture: Wheels prep & paint session: Primer: Alclad Black: Pale Gold Alclad: Masking off: Time for oils: Test fit of anti roll bar, gearbox and half side transmission. I’ve modified the throttle linkage. The White Metal original ones were not that good, so I replaced them with machined parts. The mesh over the stacks is now done, and I must admit it was pretty fun to form and install: I’m mot unhappy with the result. Oils have also been applied on the heat shield as well as a portion of aluminium tape on both external sides. I really like the view of the trumpets through the mesh. The rear stab bar has been remade with 1mm ø brass, which was later chemically burnished. Now working on the connection rods. One started compared to raw white metal original part. Voilà. More soon Pascal
  22. pg265

    Weld Lines (Solder Wire)

    GRREEAAAAT! Top job Sir!
  23. Hi, Just finished the beautiful Ferrari 3121 F1 1967 ... ...Time for the Gorgeous 1968 McLaren M7A! This is of course the beautiful kit from Model Factory Hiro, 1/20. The first step of the post will not be a building phase, but a quick Kit Review :wink: The Box: The plastic box: White Metal: Other parts: Decals: Instruction shhets: This is one of my favourite Formula one! Test fit, holes and... rivets! Some parts of the engine were sanded: Cockpit parts prepared, drilled and riveted using ss rivets, pre assembled but not yet polished: The white metal side water pipes replaced by brass pipes and alu holders. Edi did the same on his build. Rivets ok. Test fitting with screws: Primer: Black is black: This is the black I use to paint the propellers at the air club. The stunning Widia (Bosica) Vellocity stacks for V8 DFV: ... What else?! A/N fittings from the kit: Orange!! McLaren Orange from GC: I love it!! Nose (sorry for the horrible picture...) with tiny PE moustache installed and rear wing ready for primer Oil tank with weld lines and test fit of the stunning RB Motion anodized A/N fittings: Quick "fill" of the inside of the radiator with lead wire. Enough once both front and rear grids will be placed. Almost finished: Test on the other version of the windshield. Front bulkhead unmasked and ready for completion: A small "T" fitting is quickly done. New modification for the upper part of the damper and the upper triangle: Steering wheel is almost done and waiting for oils: Small details added on the pedals: Brake fluid bottles detailed and installed. Adding few details on the steering box: The Roooaaaring Papaya is still progressing! Velocity stacks are finished. I was not that happy with the cam covers... So I replaced the white metal molded ones by some 0.8 Calibre 35 made from resin: McLaren Papaya Orange for the front extractor... I forgot. Forward triangles ready: Fuel pumps ready : Studying how I will put the harness. Hardware from F1 Specialties, T3B. Hairy DFV! details added on the "electronic" box: And on the admission ramps: Pics of the Cosworth with the sub assemblies installed and few details: Time to work on the Hewland Gearbox. Parts were already sand blasted then primed with GC light grey primer... sorry for the picture! Parts drilled where I'd add some details. The A/N line is ready. Black quickly sprayed. Test fitting: Washes , dry brushes, oils accessories and more soon. Dry bushes with Polished Steel , Polished Alu from chez Humbrol Metal Cote. Oil job with Rembrandt (Extra fine) Sépia and W&N Artists Ivory Black, Gris de Payne et Outremer. Of course RB Motion bolts and washers were used. Pics will tell more: Brake calipers and the stub axle (?) were chemically burnished. Brake calipers were "stolen" to the M19 in order to replace those supplied in the kit. rear axle parts are prepared and drilled... too much drilled! I had to play with the low temp solder in order to fill the hole in the lower part, then sand, but now it's ok. Brass knobs for the dampers. Same method than those done for the Ferrari 312F1. They will be burnished. Primer and paint for everybody: As usual, radiator is filled. Better pics than those from yesterday: Weld lines added. It's a bit rude for now, but with primer and flat black it should be ok. If not... I'll undo it and will make the weld lines with the iron as it was tested initially. Dampers almost finished. A Koni stucker was added... Just now need a light oil wash. Primer and paint session . Front dampers clear coated: Not that happy with the weld lines I find pretty rude and out of scale... I will decide what to do after "weathering" job on this side exhaust. Update on the Gearbox/Engine assembly and test fit: cooool! Time for pictures: Maybe I will do something like that for the weld lines: This is the other solution regarding the exhaust weld lines. I made a real flat weld line with low temp solder. It was then masked with liquid mask and treated with burnishing product. A mask a bit larger was then done before shooting primer and mat black I think I will add few accessories: Not that happy with the former result: Plouf! gone to swim in the cellulose thinner. New black layer sprayed ZP Black on the gloves too: ... and Pure White on the helmet: Maskol off, ZP Translucent blue and W&N Ivory black wash down on the weld lines area: Not decided yet... Couldn't resist to compare the DFV with the 500 F2 engine! Should have done the same with the Tipo 218 V12 of the312F1... Transmission progress: Oil coooooler; A/N fittings & braided line! Transmission is now almost done. Once the exhaust finished, engine and gearbox can be assembled, then fasten to the rear bulkhead. Weld lines are finished on the right side of the exhaust and left was redone. Few heat stains added. Weld lines are also made on the 2 in 1 tube. Pics of the sub assembly: Started to work on the instrument panel and tachometer/tacho connection. Angle gear is made of 2 parts of brass connectors, filed down and soldered. Not the best, but not too bad due to the fact that the part diameter is 0.7. The genuine hole in the tachometer is drilled with 0.5 bit, then filled with 0.5 lead wire. Dash board painted with Flat Black ZP: Front dampers done: Stub axle modified: ... then burnished: Same for the center of the wheels: Well, I hope you enjoy this first part of the ROARING PAPAYA WIP. Another big part will soon be posted Pascal