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  1. Another Ducati finished, this time a Panigale in the 2013 SBK version, Chaz Davis pilot, Tamiya kit with CGM Modulo transkit, Top Studio detail set and Top Studio broadcast chains as well. Sandro
  2. Welcome Dan, I'm not a fan of this motorcycle either, but the kit looks spectacular, and you did a great job on it. Sandro
  3. One more finished, despite the problems of the transkit, the result was satisfactory. I'll put more photos in the completed work sector.
  4. Thank you friends, on the tires after painting or decal I used Tamiya weathering master B, in soot color. Sandro
  5. More Ducati update Loading the levers Front fairing, it was necessary to redo the decals in the painting. Sandro
  6. Yes, John, the tires were replaced by Tamiya's motogp tires. Sandro
  7. Thank you my friend, actually I used the original kit exhausts, because the leakage from the transkit was horrible. This transkit I bought a few years ago for this https://112on2.worpress.com Sandro
  8. Mais um carro que terminei no ano passado, feito exclusivamente para um evento entre amigos aqui no Brasil. Sandro
  9. Another Ducati, this time I used a modulo transkit for the summer 2013 Superbike World Championship. Some differences As the side fairing is one-piece, I plugged with putty Most pieces already painted, missing a few details. Sandro
  10. These decals already come in the decal carton of the S27. Sandro
  11. Thank you my friend, but for now, I'll stop here.
  12. Thank you my friend, but for now, I'll stop here.
  13. Thank you very much for the compliments Sandro
  14. Just admire and learn, fantastic. Sandro
  15. Another car model finalized, this time my first Ferrari, a 330 P4. Sandro
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