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  1. Thanks, I must get some more done.
  2. It's already painted the same colour as the hood, but will have some black trim.
  3. It's been back in it's box for ages to be honest, it was a new release recently-ish. The only mods are lowered suspension, it looked a bit Jeep-like before.
  4. Revell Germany kit, just took it back out of its box half done.
  5. I'm finished playing in the parts box for a while. Good fun though!
  6. Just having a play around in the parts box. Old dragster called Gassers back in the day and yes the slicks are far too big! lol
  7. It looks fantastic from 6 foot away Dallas! lol
  8. Very nice finish and detail, is that Tamiya? The old 993 shape Taisan sponsored kit was very nice, but no full engine which seems to be fairly common with the modern stuff.
  9. Thanks Imster, I'll try painting wide whitewalls the next time, the decals came in the kit. Newer kits have a white styrene ring that you just push into a recess in the sidewall of the tyre, much better job too. The orange Mercury has them.
  10. I saw a pic of a nice one and tried to recreate it, blower from the parts box. The whitewall decals didn't work out well even with Microsol and a hair dryer.
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