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  1. Thanks Immy, I simply used lace, held in place with spray glue
  2. Whoa! Those are fantastic. What's the probabilty of getting 1/12 scale with that kind of detail, slim to non?
  3. Thanks mueller. The kit glass needs to be polished to bring it back to being clear. Then clear coated with an acrylic clear.
  4. The chrome is all brushed on Motolow chrome.
  5. Spectacular build with increadable amount of fantastic detailing.
  6. Wow, I really dig this build. Great looking paint.
  7. Really nice looking build. Absolutly stunning interior.
  8. Even better when seen up close. An absolute winner, and an actual winner. Way to go Immy.
  9. Diggin the stance, paint and wheels, great looking build.
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