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  1. For awhile I pause, today I found some time to finish this awesome machine. I do always love the super details of those MotoGP machines. So I built several machines and this time is Honda RC211V‘06. Here are the photos. Hope you guys enjoy them.
  2. Thanks @mueller finally, I finished the build. The longest build ever. But yeah I made it. I do think there’s always the imperfection but overall looking good to me. My 4th motogp 💪
  3. Oh wow @Griffo_Aus that Yamaha machine is also charming. I have one but mine is US inter-coloring edition. 😁
  4. Hi @John18D thanks for following up this building, yeah in Germany now has one month lockdown- end of this November. How’s thing going from you side? I hope all good for you. so I’m being busy with my work hence I don’t find much time to build things fast like before. Hopefully I would find more times to continue my hobbies. So yeah, today I finished the dashboard. Not such beautiful like others but I feel happy about it. The building is coming to end very soon.
  5. So long...don’t have much time to finish this beast. Nothing is big to be expected. Just adding the speedometer to the dashboard.
  6. hi @John18D I just had a look, that build is so clean and beautiful. Can't wait to see how it forms in the end. Would be so amazing! Last but not least, waiting for your build to come
  7. Hi John, still being stuck with my jobs, haven’t got time to finish it even thou I‘d love to. 😅. how‘s yours? Back to building now?
  8. That looks amazing matey. Hope I could build something like that 👏
  9. It’s been awhile since my latest update due to being busy with my work and haven’t found any spare time to build my rc211v. I did find some times today, therefore I build a little bit. Don’t expect any things huge, thou. I attached the front fork and handlebar to the frame as well as small details to the dashboard. Ah, also the rider’s seat.
  10. Really? I didn’t know that John. I thought Apple produces mostly every parts in elsewhere than USA and just assemble them in China. Interesting! I also heard some products from Apple are made in USA but it costs more, I assume. a fun fact, I‘m also working in QA industry but for software 😁 You‘re right John, some thing you buy for models is more or as expensive like you buy the 1:1. probably producing them is not as easy as 1:1. 😂 I have a hunch that if T2M were still doing its business, we would have got much more cool stuff.
  11. Thanks John. Your comment is always informative and helpful. That helps me a lot. To be honest, I don’t know much about the car or bike in general. I just took the reference and tried to simulate as good as I can. So my bike is not utilizing the fuel and it gets the black smokes 😂. It‘s also uncertain that after the Covid pandemic, the goods will come from somewhere other than China, I guess. 🤷‍♂️ Due to the fact that ‚made in Japan‘ goods are always in best quality. That can’t be denied. But ‚made in China‘ or ‚assembly in China‘ from well known brand like Apple comes with
  12. Thanks John for the Information. That’s interesting. are we ready for the race, my RC211V? 😀
  13. Thanks @andrew59it isn’t it the real bike going like that? I’ve never had a chance to look at the real bike so not sure about it.
  14. Thanks John. Yes, like you said, this is the build I thought it’s the best among the other builds. From the chain building, exhaust heats staining, etc. I used the photo booth for taking photos so that’s why you see the white background like that.
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