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  1. The monster version is so charming. I even love it more than the yamaha fiat team version
  2. Thanks @imster i learned a lot through builds. now the shift linkage and steering damper are ready.
  3. To do further wiring stuff, I decided to paint some related parts. That involves the cowlings, electric boxes, tank, etc. While I‘m going with tech m3 version, you will see most parts are in black. 😇
  4. Hi John, this is the clear coat I used on the CF. Looks great after the clear coat, doesn’t it? i haven’t had chance to order that book yet. Will definitely take a look soon. hope I would see your builds very soon. ^^ i just used the provided wires in the top studio box and repaint them as black wherever they are being glued. :) And just flat black from Mr Hobby. A little bit sanding on the fairings.
  5. Wow. Thanks John! That is such an valuable resource. Never imagine you were a pro rider like that, so you should have such real experience of how the bike looks like. Sorry to hear you can’t continue your race, that’s pity. But yeah, the good thing is still moving forward. I would wish you all the best and continue your ambitions on motorGP. I think it won’t stop in you. Last but not least, would love to see your buildings. I would say that would be the most amazing things. 😊
  6. Thanks John for your input. That’s really awesome to help me improve my skills. Yeah, I did use the AlCad as you suggested on my last build. To be honest, it is super on simulation. However that should combine with builders‘ skills to bring it the level where it is. Something I’m still lacking atm then you see the exhaust can is rendered as gold. 😅
  7. So after it sits there for awhile, let’s warm it up by bringing parts together. Now swing arm is attached to the body as well as some wirings. And let it stand on one wheel. 😁 Looks cool, isn’t it?
  8. You won’t get bored when building chain. To be honest, I would find building top studio is much more easier than this hobby design chain. Your thoughts? one this is done, I could attach this to the swing arm and continue having fun
  9. That's true @mueller those are the etched parts. Hi John, I've been busy with my current work in the company so I haven't found spare time to build it fast. It is still waiting for me in the desk
  10. Hi John, I'm still learning to improve myself. Yes, I did wash on it. I use the TAMIYA 87131 Panel Line Accent Color Black For Plastic Model Kit :)
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