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  1. fincheronious

    Honda NSR500 Daytona 200

    Looks amazing Imraan!!! Awesome work as always.
  2. Beautiful work man. The finish looks flawless!
  3. fincheronious

    1/12 Porsche 956

    Absolutely stunning Imraan! A masterpiece in the making for sure!
  4. fincheronious

    1/12 Porsche 956

    Thank you for the tips on the soldering. I have some white metal kits including the Britten V1000 that I am looking to build in the future. They honestly scare me. I will be watching this pretty close to get your techniques down pat. Great job on it so far Imraan, it will be absolutely beautiful.
  5. fincheronious

    Tamiya Honda RC213V double build

    Thanks guys, glad you like them. Currently no issues at all. The fairings are about 20 or more pieces for each bike, but like Tamiya always does the quality is wonderful. The pot is a 5 pound tub of plumbers putty. It is uses for sealing sink, tub, and shower drains. It stays soft like clay forever, no matter how much you use it. I had a problem using styrofoam for this, and it tipping over as so many I'm sure have had as well, so this was my solution. I use a cheap airbrush turntable under it so it spins. The sticks are bamboo kabob skewers masking taped to the pinch clamps I get from a local surplus store for $0.25 each. Super cheap ( under $10 for putty ) , never tips, reusable. And you can when you get done with a kit just use a latex glove and smash it flat with your fist.
  6. fincheronious

    1/12 Porsche 956

    Wow, this is going to be beautiful Imraan! Can't wait to see what you do with it. I'm sure you'll knock it out of the park!
  7. fincheronious

    Tamiya Honda RC213V double build

    Got some color on the frames and swingarms. Lots of parts in primer. Quite a ways to go, plodding along steadily.
  8. fincheronious

    Tamiya 1/12 Panigale 46 Project

    Looks absolutely stunning!!!
  9. fincheronious

    Tamiya Ducati Panigale Senna

    It's looking great so far Erik. It is nice to see the detailed description of the techniques. Especially the use of the magnets on the fairings. Really nice work.
  10. fincheronious

    Honda NS500 83/84

    Looking really good so far man! Nice work.
  11. fincheronious

    Tamiya Yamaha RZV500R

    That should be really cool with the Tiara decals on a street bike.
  12. fincheronious

    Tamiya Honda RC213V double build

    Made some pretty good progress on the engines for the RC213V build. I will be doing the Marc Marquez 2014 livery with Gravity Colors paint & masking set with just a few added aftermarket bits. The second will be the Scott Redding 2015 livery with Pit Wall decals, and Zero paints. This will be my first real opportunity to put my two Motojigs through their paces. Every bike looks smarter on a Motojig, wouldn't you agree? ?
  13. fincheronious

    Revell Porsche Boxster

    Awesome work Layla!!! The Boxster looks great! I hope you'll put up pictures of your next model as you're doing it.
  14. fincheronious

    Belkits Ford fiesta

    I love this build Ade!!! Great work man, it's a beautiful car! As you know, I'm a huge Rossi fan as well. I hope mine turns out gal this good!
  15. fincheronious

    Porsche 911 GT3 R Valentino Rossi

    Great looking tribute build Sandro! I love the Rossi livery. Nice work.