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  1. Absolutely stunning Imraan! A masterpiece in the making for sure!
  2. Thank you for the tips on the soldering. I have some white metal kits including the Britten V1000 that I am looking to build in the future. They honestly scare me. I will be watching this pretty close to get your techniques down pat. Great job on it so far Imraan, it will be absolutely beautiful.
  3. Thanks guys, glad you like them. Currently no issues at all. The fairings are about 20 or more pieces for each bike, but like Tamiya always does the quality is wonderful. The pot is a 5 pound tub of plumbers putty. It is uses for sealing sink, tub, and shower drains. It stays soft like clay forever, no matter how much you use it. I had a problem using styrofoam for this, and it tipping over as so many I'm sure have had as well, so this was my solution. I use a cheap airbrush turntable under it so it spins. The sticks are bamboo kabob skewers masking taped to the pinch clamps I get from a local surplus store for $0.25 each. Super cheap ( under $10 for putty ) , never tips, reusable. And you can when you get done with a kit just use a latex glove and smash it flat with your fist.
  4. Wow, this is going to be beautiful Imraan! Can't wait to see what you do with it. I'm sure you'll knock it out of the park!
  5. Got some color on the frames and swingarms. Lots of parts in primer. Quite a ways to go, plodding along steadily.
  6. It's looking great so far Erik. It is nice to see the detailed description of the techniques. Especially the use of the magnets on the fairings. Really nice work.
  7. Looking really good so far man! Nice work.
  8. That should be really cool with the Tiara decals on a street bike.
  9. Made some pretty good progress on the engines for the RC213V build. I will be doing the Marc Marquez 2014 livery with Gravity Colors paint & masking set with just a few added aftermarket bits. The second will be the Scott Redding 2015 livery with Pit Wall decals, and Zero paints. This will be my first real opportunity to put my two Motojigs through their paces. Every bike looks smarter on a Motojig, wouldn't you agree? ?
  10. Awesome work Layla!!! The Boxster looks great! I hope you'll put up pictures of your next model as you're doing it.
  11. I love this build Ade!!! Great work man, it's a beautiful car! As you know, I'm a huge Rossi fan as well. I hope mine turns out gal this good!
  12. Great looking tribute build Sandro! I love the Rossi livery. Nice work.
  13. I love this car David. Amazing paintwork on a flawless build as always!
  14. Great looking work as always Imraan. Hard to believe you stuffed all that detail into a 1/20. I have one in queue to build as well. I'm sure I'll be using your pics for reference photos. ?
  15. This thing looks incredible! Amazing work, and craftsmanship. The 1/12 MFH kits are so detailed, and yet you've managed to improve on it! It is truly beautiful!!!
  16. Thanks guys. I really appreciate it. This was just a cartoonish expression of my sense of two wheeled humor. It was a really fun build, and taught me a lot. I have been wanting to use this green on something for a while now Imster, and I figured with this one there were no rules!
  17. Thanks guys. I'm glad you like it. One of the three or four kits I've done with Aqua Gloss clear. I have since switched to Gravity 2K, which I love.
  18. Tamiya 1/12 Heron racing team Suzuki RGB500 as ridden by Randy Mamola in 1982 I believe. This was Tamiyas re-release of this bike but with Cartograf decals making my life a bit easier than having to use the crispy old ones that are in the original release of this kit.Done basically OOB with the exception of aftermarket tubing and cables. I added the antidive tube from the front caliper to the fork valve on each side. I ditched the styrene seat pad for a more realistic one cut from sheet neoprene rubber. I also added the windshield bolts that weren't there. I added bare metal foil to the upper fork tubes, and exhaust silencers. Painted with decanted and airbrushed Tamiya sprays. Decaled, cleared with Alckad aqua gloss clear. Wet sanded out to 12,000 grit, polished and final assembly. It was a pretty fun kit to build, and went together very nice with the one exception of the fit of the windscreen to fairing. This area needed to be mocked up and mated together to achieve a decent fit. Even then the windscreen looks about 2" thick in relation to scale. This will be my next tool quest and research effort. To devise a method for vac forming winscreens for these old bikes. I hope you guys like it. Questions, comments are appreciated! Thanks . Tom.
  19. This is my first post on this site, so please try and go easy on me. It's a kitbash of a 1/8 MPC Rupp roadster minibike, a 1/8 Revell Yamaha 350 Grand Prix, parts from several 1/12 scale kits, some various parts from my model "junkyard" in different scales, and a bunch of Evergreen styrene. I have dubbed it the Ruppaha. The double downtube frame was cut out and made into a single downtube. Lower exhaust mount for the expansion chambers was scratched and added. The frame was gusseted everywhere, and upper shock mounts made. Front engine mounts were scratch built. Crossmembers for the oil tank, and engine mount plate, and ignition coil mounts were added. Shocks from the 1/12 Tamiya custom tuned CB750 were added. Front springs cut from a single Tamiya coil spring as the stock ones were really tiny looking. Carb funnels were cut from 1/24 semi truck air horns, and screens added. Front and rear fenders were cut down about in half then reshaped. The rear fender mounts were sectioned, and moved forward for the shorter fender. Yamaha 350 headlight was smoothed, and new mounts built to accommodate the Rupp upper triple clamp. Yamaha handlebar mounts were cut off from the Yamaha upper trees and grafted to the Rupp forks. Yamaha handlebars and Han controls were used along with the steering damper knob. Exhaust system was made from cutting and grafting the head pipes and flanges from the Yamaha kit to 1/12 Tamiya Spencer Honda NS500 rear cylinder expansion chambers and cut down silencers from the same NS500 kit. The outlets had to be angled differently, so the mating surface was filled, drilled, and pinned with wire. Chain and rear sprocket were spaced out, and made from a Tamiya 1/12 Honda RS1000 endurance racer kit. Almost all of the exposed fasteners were added with Tichy Trains styrene bolt and rivet and washer heads,as there was very little detail in either of these kits. Fuel cap is from the Yamaha kit. Stand is a widened track stand modified from a Fujimi Kawasaki ZX-10 kit to accommodate the Rupp swingarm. Rear brake pedal was modified from the Yamaha kit. Finally I scratch built an ignition key just for grins. It was painted after filling countless sink marks with Tamiya silver leaf to kill the molded red color. Then Tamiya white primer, followed by another layer of TS-30 to help the green pop. It was then painted Tamiya TS-52 candy lime green decanted and airbrushed. Wet sanded then finished with Gravity Colors 2K urethane clear. Wet sanded and polished out. Light washes on most of the stuff was done with oils and mineral spirits. I am pretty pleased with the results, and a whole lot of work went into it, even though it still is just a minibike. I mainly build race bike replicas, so this got me well outside my "comfort zone" for sure. It was kind of a good feeling not having to try and stay true to an existing form, color, or shape and just freestyle it. I hope you guys like it. Feedback and questions welcome.
  20. That is amazing work!!! Great job young lady! You have an awesome talent, and a very good eye for building models. Keep up the good work. I'm sure your Mom and Dad are very proud of you, as they should be!!!
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