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  1. Thanks @andrew59it and @John18D, appreciate your comments. I base coated in Gaianotes gray surfacer Evo GS01. Rubbed back then 2 coats of decanted TS26 white, then 2 coats of decanted TS45 pearl white.
  2. Slow progress on this build for some reason. Decals all done, need to let them dry, then clean up before clearing coating with Gravity 2K. First time I will be using this clear coat. Have also made a start of the large amount of carbon fibre work to be done. Will spray this with satin clear.
  3. Hey John - yes, the magnets are a little too large, but I think they have worked ok. If I get all the detail on, the fairings probably wont fit anyway! No matter where I looked, I couldn't find any 1mm x 1mm, so settled for the 1mm x 2mm.
  4. That’s a sweet, sweet build. Beautifully clean. Congratulations.
  5. Have made a start. I'm using magnets for the fairings this time. These are 2mm x 1mm. Just have to make sure you get the orientation correct. Need to fill the holes before primer. Surgery about to begin.
  6. Next build on the bench, 2005 Valencia Anniversary edition Yamaha YZR-M1, with a few extra details. Have had this kit in the stash for a long time and @Thanh Nguyen has inspired me to give the Top Studio detail set a go.
  7. Aaaaanddd... we're done. Quite a few flaws, but I'm really happy with how this came out. That happy sad stage, build over and pleased, now need to decide which of the stash to work on next!
  8. Entering the home stretch now. I have really enjoyed this kit.
  9. I use the LP paints almost exclusively now - their metallic colours are truly spectacular and very tough.
  10. @andrew59it the finish on the tank is SUPERB! As is the entire build. Which clear coat have you used?
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