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  1. It looks real imraan... I mean in my opinion it’s the nicest type 78 ever built in 1/20 scale. Hard to beat that thing!!! Real stunner man!!
  2. More work on the Eagle tonight Gents.... the front end is well underway. I used some small magnets to keep the front nose in place.
  3. Rob... come on man.... your completely if not more capable than me!!!
  4. Yes as it’s spinning in the chuck you just push it against the face of the wheel center. This gives it a nice machines look too!!
  5. Thanks Gents.. today was wheel and tire day at the bench.... the centers are made out of WM and the tins are wonderful turned pieces by MFH. The Eagle wheel has dark gunmetal black inserts with polished ribs. To replicate this I painted the wheel centers in a dark steel black alclad mixture. Then chucked each center in my sherline and spun it starting with 320/600/2000 respectively. Then coated the ribs in future. This will protect them from dulling back over time. Really clean easy way to do them!
  6. This one is being built for a client in Hawaii who wants the most accurate Spa raced Winning Gurney Eagle Weslake. His name is Bill Barnhard and he is a real nice guy! This kit out of the box is very impressive right out of the box comprised of Resin, white metal, and Photo etch. I have built the car once turnkey, done about 3 other engines for a collaborating partner named Peter Wingfield whom past in Oct 2017. This is now my second full turnkey build for Bill now. Lets get on with it. The engine is Resin, PE and White metal components. The WM components were tumbled and treated with Oil washes. Cockpit and front end were treated the same way along with the rotor hats. The body is painted in purely accurate Buick Nightshade blue PPG DBC and topped with PPG Concept clear. All body components were polished with a dremel buffing wheel
  7. Great Recovery on that area Imraan!!!!! I cannot wait to see final pics!!
  8. This is about a 150 hour build I completed in November 2017. I loved every aspect of this build including the challenges it presented. This is an amazing kit. I built it out of the box except the addition of braided lines from pro tech and electrical wiring. Paint is Gravity Colors Gulf blue and orange with Concept Clear coat. Any questions ask away! Dave T
  9. This is looking like a nice subject. I built the 1/12 MFH Version I posted it in the completed section. It was about a 150 hour build. The Fujimi kit is a nice one from what I heard. Here is a link to a Aussie builder that tackled this car. He used the HRM TRanskit as well. http://www.automotiveforums.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=712982
  10. Hey Guys.... First off I need to play catch up here IMMENSLY! I am sorry I have not participated in so long. I was talking to Imraan today and I made a promise to participate more on this forum. I really hate facebook and what it has become lately. So I told Imraan I would start participating here more and here I am. My first WIP post in a long time is this Tamiya Honda RS1000 Endurance bike that won the Suzuka 8 hour race in 1981. Lets fast forward a bit..... Frame and engine detail along with swingarm detail had been accomplished. The frame was shot with Tamiya black followed by Two part urethane clear. The engine is duraluminum alclad. As you can see I have omitted the vinyl tubing in favor of Pro tech braided line and fittings to give it more of a correct look. I also wired the battery and rear brake lights. The wheels were shot with testors metalizer and buffed to a high shine. The centers were carefully painted with testors acryl semi gloss black. In the other batch of photos the Body tins are painted, decaled, and cleared. I used Rosso Corsa red basecoat along with Shopline Urethane clear over the excellent Cartograph reprint decals. The exhaust is also complete in those photos. It was shot with Alclad copper followed by SEM Semi flat black with a hint of the copper expose to give it a heated fatigued look. The canister was then shot with testors metalizer aluminum and washed with Tamiya black panel line wash to highlight the detail. All of this bike is so much easier to build using the Latest Jig from our very own Mark Stearney of Marcomotodesign! More to come soon and I am glad to be back! Dave T
  11. These were a collaboration project with Peter Wingfield from Scale Auto Art. I built these in about 3 weeks. It was a daunting task and I was up many late nights. The kit needs a lot of work to be a presentable model. The roof is molded separately so it aids in painting the complicated paint scheme. Trouble is the seams where the roof glues to the quarters has to be eliminated AFTER it is painted! I used epoxy putty to blend the seams and after careful sanding I blended the red back in. Once in clear the seams were eliminated. Once the car is done it does represent the 1:1 quite well. I did two of them at one time this is one of the two I built. Thanks!!
  12. Flat out gorgeous Sandro!! Did you use the SMS detail kit?
  13. This was built for Scale Auto Review. I cannot add any aftermarket parts when I build them. they must be done out of box. However nothing is wrong with some Carbon pattern using the pantyhose method! The rest of the kit was built out of the box. I used Gravity colors Skoda Rally Green for the frame. It matches the decals well. The body tins were shot in black. Then urethane clear, polished, and light coat of spazstix Chrome paint was applied to make it look like the black chrome paint on the 1:1 bike. The exhaust was heat stained with Alclad Sepia, Violet, and blues. It really is a spectacular kit! I hope you like it.
  14. I am doing this bike right now as a video for Gravity colors.... Its a challenging kit in some areas (Paint especially) you tackled it well!!! Nice job
  15. Immaculate work my friend.....
  16. Beautiful work sir!!!! I have this kit and HD S conversion kit. You did it justice man!!
  17. Yes the CF was fun!!!!! I used KA Models CF decals which conforms really nicely.... Thank you!
  18. Thanks Doc, It is a sinister bike which is why I like it!
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