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  1. Hi folks I’ve not posted for a while, so here’s my latest finished build. It’s Tamiya’s 1/24 Honda NSX. I’ve added the Hobby Design PE and Resin Upgrade, along with wheels from USCP. I’ve also used carbon fibre decals from Scale Motorsport throughout the build. The exterior colour is Zero Paints Casino White Pearl, and clear coated using Zero Paints 2K Diamond Finish Clear Coat. So I hope you like it, and cheers for looking.
  2. Flipper

    Ferrari 812 Superfast

    Awesome work my friend. I’m keenly watching the build as you know I’ve got the kit as well.
  3. Flipper

    Lotus 49

    Absolutely stunning mate👍👍👍
  4. Hi there folks I haven’t posted anything for a while, but I’ve been busy building a few projects.This is my latest finished build which is a Birthday present for my nephew.Here are the details.Kit:- 1/24 Hasegawa VW T2 23 Window Bus.Paint:- Zero Paints VW Turkis Green and VW Pearl White, clear coated using Zero Paints Diamond Finish Clear Coat.Additions:- Highlight Model Studio Front Safari Windows and rear number plate surround. Bare Metal Foil on the front and rear bumpers.Modifications:- The Bus has been lowered all the way round, by simply modifying the kit suspension.Anyway that’s it, thanks for popping by and having a look.
  5. Hi folks this is the 2nd of 3 Ferrari LaFerrari’s that I had planned to build. This one was originally going to be painted in Ferrari Giallo Modena (Yellow), but myself and my nephew (the car now belongs to him) changed our minds and I decided to paint it in Audi Nardo Grey. The exterior of the car was painted using Zero Paints. The only aftermarket additions were the use of carbon decals from Scale Motorsport and wheel valves from Hobby Design. Anyway I know the colour will devide opinion, but I like it for being different. I hope you all like it. Cheers David
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    Wolksvagem Polo WRC Belkits

    Quick question mate. Did you build the roll cage separately and place it in, or did you build it in the car.
  7. Flipper

    1/24 Tamiya Ferrari LaFerrari

    Cheers mate. I felt the car all Grey would have been too much so I added the stripes. I painted the stripes, I painted the area yellow, laid down a thing masking tape line, then sprayed the grey. If you are on Facebook have a look at my FB page DH Modelworx.
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    1/24 Tamiya Ferrari LaFerrari

    Cheers mate, the next one is gonna be a Lamborghini Light Blue from the Huracan range. I picked up a very cheap part built FXX K kit. Just the engine was started, so I’m thinking of doing a LaFerrari/FXX K hybrid. It will also have Novitec wheels or something similar, lowered suspension, the list goes on for the body mods I’ve planned for it.
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    1/24 Tamiya Ferrari LaFerrari

    Kev it’s Tamiya’s LaFerrari Kit. Just wait till you see the next one I’ve planned, it’s certainly not the typical Ferrari colour.
  10. Hi there folks that’s me just finished the 1/24 Revell Audi R8. Its not to bad a kit, just like the normal affair from Revell, ie poor detail, fit etc, but I see it as a challenge to try and make them half decent. The exterior of the car was painted in Zero Paints Lamborghini Blu Caelum then clear coat using Zero Paints superb 2K Diamond Finish Clear Coat. Additions and changes to the kit. The stance of the car altered. Aoshima Advan GT wheels & tyres Hobby Design rear wing Hobby Design Real Metal Decals Various parts carbon fibre decaled using carbon fibre decal sheets from Scale Motorsport The side panels “blades” were widened Home made front splitter. Anyway I think that’s it, I hope you like it. Cheers David.
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    Wolksvagem Polo WRC Belkits

    Very nice mate, I’m just about to start the 2016 kit.
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    Toyota TS020 Stradale

    Very nice indeed
  13. First off my apologises for being a bit pic heavy on this one. I built this one for my nephew as he had a tourist ride in this model when he was in Rome, Italy a couple of years ago. It's a 1/24 Revell Ferrari 458 Italia. The exterior paints are from Zero Paints, using their Rosso Corsa Red, Gloss Black, and their pre mixed 1k clear lacquer. For the rest of it I used a mixture of Tamiya and Vallejo Acrylics. Other bits and bobs I used were the Top Studio Metal Decal kit, Top Studio PE kit, Carbon Decal sheets from Scale Motorsport and JS Minatures LED lighting kit. Anyway I hope you like it Cheers David
  14. Hi folks that's the i8 finished. Overall it was a decent kit, but I was a bit disappointed by some of the details which I felt was quite poor. Here's the details of this kit. Kit -1/24 Revell BMW i8 Scale - 1/24 Paint Exterior - Zero Paints BMW Ionic Silver, Zero Paints 2K Diamond Finish Clear Lacquer Paint Interior and Chassis - Mixture of Tamiya and Vallejo Acrylics Extras - Plamoz BMW Turbine Wheels, Hobby Design PE kit, Scale Motorsport Carbon Decals. So that's it, despite the kit being quite poor I enjoyed the build and despite a load of other personal issues it's probably the quickest I've built a car kit. So I hope you like the car and here it is. (Pics not the best as my DSLR was playing up so I took these on my iPhone) I hope you all like it, and thanks for looking.
  15. Hi there folks that's the BMW M3 DTM finally finished. Like most Revell kits they are quite decent but let down in a few areas which hopefully I corrected. At the start of the build it was going to be a nice clean example, but I thought it didn't look quite right so I added a bit of weathering to it. It's the first time I've done any type of weathering, hopefully it's worked. Anyway here are the details of the build. Kit - 1/24 Revell BMW M3 DTM Driven by Martin Tomczyk during the 2012 DTM Season Paint Exterior - Zero Paints Alpine White 300, Zero Paints 2K Diamond Finish Clear Coat, weathered using Tamiya Smoke airbrushed at varying pressures and at varying distances from the car. Extras - Racing Decals 43 Carbon Decal Kit, supplemented with carbon decals from Scale Motorsport. Hobby Design Wheel and Brake kit. Hobby Design PE kit. So that's it, it was an enjoyable kit to built which wasn't to difficult as long as you plan well ahead with the panel fit. I hope you all like the photos of the finished car.
  16. Hi folks now time for my 5th car build, it's Revell's BMW M3 DTM from the 2012 Season. Before I kick of here is some info on this car and its driver. "The German DTM championship is an intense German race which pits touring cars against one another. These cars are designed to exacting standards lain out by the race rules. Every vehicle has to be under a certain cost and be the same wheelbase, length, width and weight as all the other cars. In 2012, Martin Tomczyk was successful in the new BMW M3 DTM. He had been champion in 2011 and won 69 points in 2012 thanks to several podium finishes." First up is the box And the instructions. The decals call out, "OMG" and here I though the 1/12 MotoGP bikes had a lot of decals, what have I let myself in for. The decal sheet, the decals do look really good The body shell, there is quite a lot of mould lines and flash, but nothing a bit of sanding and scraping won't sort out. Now the sprues, first of is the horrible chrome one, yes I know they need to chrome some parts, but for the love of g, try and get it right. For example the new 1/24 Aoshima Pagani Huayra kit, has some of the best chrome parts I've ever seen, so it is possible to get it right. The side profile of the tyres which look nice....... ....... Well until you turn them round, the flat road surface is well not flat, hopefully the wheels will push them out a bit, but I feel the sandy sticks will be coming out. The fronts The rears which are a bit better And on with the rest of the sprues. Now it was always my intention to add a bit of carbon fibre detailing to the kit using decal sheets from Scale Motorsport. However after a surf on Hiroboy's site I found that a company call "Racing Decals 43" did a carbon decal kit for this car. However it was out of stock. I then contacted the company who kindly sent these out very quickly. http://www.racingdecals43.com/ The decal sheets, yep if there wasn't enough decals lol The outside The inside The instructions These decals sheets are quite comprehensive, but by looking at them the miss just a few bits, so I found that a carbon decal sheet in the 1/12th scale from Scale Motorsport is almost the same design and colour, and to add a few other touches I bought a Carbon Kevlar decal sheet as well. The kit comes with pretty decent wheels (apart from the chrome), but Hobby Design do a wheel and brake upgrade kit for it, so I though sod it, so whilst the wife wasn't looking at the bank account, I ordered a set from Hiroboy. I ordered them on Friday past so they've yet to arrive. Here's some pics from their website. That's it for the moment, as I study the instructions (I can feel a headache coming on) Thanks for looking, cheers.
  17. Maximum, yeh I studied quite a few photographs and couldn't find any trace of the two vertical stripes on any rear windows of the BMW's I didn't want to take the risk of trying to remove them, that's why I left them as is.
  18. Well folks it's finally finished. As you can see I've added a bit of weathering to the car, probably a bit much, but it's my first time doing this as I normally only do shiney stuff. Anyway I'll post up final reveal photos tomorrow. So again thanks folks and I hope you like it.
  19. I feel like I'm on the final straight with the M3. Next up was all the glass work. Firstly I masked up all the glass for the black edges to be painted. I masked up all the centres and sprayed the glass Tamiya X-18 Semi Gloss Black. I then fitted them to the car using Microscale Krystal Kleer. As there is a decal to go on the top of the windscreen, I scuffed it with a blue soft Flory Sander. I then applied the sun-strip decals to the tops of the front and rear screens, and the rear side windows. I then fitted the front and rear wheels, the brakes and centre bolt.
  20. Cheers guys your comments are very much appreciated. I know Revell kits get a lot of flak, and sometimes rightly so, but I like the challenge of trying to build a half decent kit in the eyes of my peers, so your comments are very much appreciated. Cheers.
  21. I picked up for just over £5 on eBay because all that was allegedly wrong was that the box was worn a wee while ago. On closer examination there is more than that wrong with it, but nothing I won't be able to work round. I'll be adding a few bits and pieces to the kit, including an aftermarket bodykit that still to arrive. It will be painted in Lamborghini Blu Caelum which is a darker blue metallic colour. Anyway here is the kit. The instructions Next up the bodyshell, it's ok but not the best I've ever seen with quite a few sink marks, which will need to be sorted. The Audi 4 Ring Badge will come off as I've ordered a real metal decal kit which will hopefully arrive tomorrow. The decals, not many of them, although I'll be added a few parts that will be carbon fibre decaled with decal sheets from Scale Motorsport. The rest of the sprues, quite a few of the parts are better detailed that the BMW i8 I've just about completed. The chassis which is probably one of the reasons the kit was cheap as its severely warped. It was a lot worse before this pic, I've had it under hot water for a while. Next up I'll take it off the sprue and apply a fair bit more heat to it. Now I didn't plan to use the original wheels and tyres, but on opening up the kit there is no way I'd be using them anyways. The wheels are alright at a push but the tyres are horrible. This is one of the tyres. They can only be mounted one way and this is the outside of the tyre. It looks like one of the other sprues has been wedged heavily against it. So I've my work cut out for me, but hey ho that's what it's all about, if everything in this Hobby was easy it would be boring, well that's what I keep telling myself lol. More to come soon.
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    Revell Porsche Boxster

    Superb work Layla, how's is coming along
  23. Next up on the R8 was painting the black areas and adding some carbon fibre detailing. So first up was masking up all the areas that are to be black and areas that are to be carbon fibred. I then painted the areas with Tamiya X-18 Semi Gloss Black. This is one of the side blades pre applying the carbon fibre decaling. I then made a masking tape template, cut this out on a sheet of carbon decal from Scale Motorsport No. 1020. I then applied this to the car, using Microset and Microsol. I did the same with the other side. I also carbon decaled the roof, with the pattern meeting down the centre of the roof. I also applied the carbon decal to the rear spoiler uprights. Next up I used real metal decals from Hobby Design. These decals in my opinion adds a real touch of realism. On the photo the front one looks lopsided, but I've measured it with a micrometer and it's fine. And that's it for the moment. Hopefully if SWMBO is out the house I'll get some final coats of clear coat on the body. So thanks for popping past and looking at the build. Many thanks.
  24. Nxt up was the engine. Not much to it but still better detailed than some engines I've built recently. All the bits and pieces of the main engine And built up And painted using various shades of Vallejo Metal Colors.
  25. Hi there folks, I haven't been doing much on the Audi as I had an issue with the paint lifting just above one of the doors. So the car got put up on the shelf until I could be bothered with it. So I thought I'd better crack on with the R8. First up the area that was giving me an issue. I picked the paint off then sanded the area affected. I then gave it a coat of Zero Paints grey primer. Then I gave the area a coat of the blue and blended it in. Next I gave the full car a couple of coats of Zero Paints 2K Diamond Finish Clear Coat. Once this is dried I'll lay down the decals, areas of black and other bits and pieces that need done. I'll then lay down more coats of the clear coat.