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  1. Ninogiva

    Honda RS1000 Endurance

    Thanks for your comment Mueller, yes I had a fine mesh grid laying around (I used to build architectural models) so I cut a round out of it and curved it on the back of a pencil. I do not think this grid exists on the real bike, but I quite like the look of it!
  2. Ninogiva

    Honda RS1000 Endurance

    Hello everyone, It has been a loooooooong time since I picked up glue and airbrush: last bike I built was in 2017, right before my daughter was born. Now I am almost able to find some spare time, and I decided to reopen the box of the last bike I was working on, the Tamiya Honda RS1000. I bought it second hand on eBay, and the guy had already started the kit. Luckily he only glued a few pieces together and stopped, so I can build it and paint it as I prefer. I think I will build it rather stock, with a few improvements such as PE bolts, more cables and wires and probably a proper seat, but I am not going overboard with it, because I am a believer of the old "completion over perfection". Plus I have two more kits I really want to build! It still will be a slow one: modelling time is not much! This WIP then starts with the engine already glued and painted, and at the moment I am detailing it with Studio 27 rivets and bolts. Here is where we are now:
  3. Thank you Mark, I appreciate your comment! In 2016 I build a Panigale and in 2017 a ZX-RR. I will post pictures when possible. In 2017 I also had my daughter, so modelling time was severely reduced to...zero. I did not stop buying kits though and today I have a Honda RS1000 Endurance (started), a NSR500 '83 (in box) and a 2004 M1 (in box). The modelling itch is back so I am planning to start again on the Honda...at some point!
  4. Hello all, This was my first bike, after building many, many, MANY airplanes kits as a kid (20 years earlier). I had bought an airbrush, a tiny compressor and I thought it was as easy as my planes back then. I instead discovered that I wanted to be more precise, add details and in general do a good job on the bike. This is my favourite bike in real life (I do not own one, but still she is beautiful) and it was sort of a dream come true to build one. Many details were left behind because of lack of skills and imagination, but this build certainly was a fun one, and a hell of a learning curve!
  5. Ninogiva

    Ducati TT2 1982 Tony Rutter

    Fantastic start! Hard to believe this is a model!