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  1. Yes, those are tie-wraps, zip-ties or whatever you want to call them. It is actually secured underneath by drilling two holes on wither side of the tire. Then, on the bottom, I use a Dremel tp carve a deep enough space for the actual "zip" part of the tie to go into so the base will sit flat. Pretty easy to do and, if you need to take it off of the base, that's easy to do by snipping it off.
  2. This is the Tamiya 1/6 Kawasaki that I have recently completed. Operating head and tail lights and flashing turn signals. This model was typical of a Tamiya build. All quality and very little, if any, fitting issues. The only problem that I had was replacing the broken windscreen. This was done by simply cutting a matching piece from a plastic Coke bottle. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.....
  3. The ones that I used on this model are number 0402 SMD type LED's. Pre-wired with resistors already attached. I strongly suggest using this type. Here's the link to the company from where I order mine. http://hdamodelworx.com/0402-SMD_c_38.html
  4. It's a good way to add a nice aspect to the models. I haven't tried on a 1/12 scale kit but these 0402's just might be the ticket for that!!!!!
  5. While searching for a release date for this kit I discovered that it is not listed any longer on the Tamiya web site. Also, I discovered that there is little information out there. I also found that, unlike models today, there is no bar code on the box. So I looked up the history of those. Going by that information that would put this model at 1980 or earlier as bar codes weren’t used regularly until after that. I give you photos of the sides of the box for reference. I did find out from someone that this particular model was removed from the shelves because, at the time, there was some sort of a “copyright infringement” being claimed by AMF. This is now the same bike that is being produced as the “Police Bike” in the Tamiya series. I reduced the size of these photos to help ease any loading issues that some folks might have. And away we go….. This is the front page of the vintage instruction booklet that came with the model. I did the frame in black. Now, I know it comes already molded in black but I have never been one to go in for the shiny plastic look that seems to be inherent if you just leave it alone. So I sprayed a flat white primer and then a coat of gloss metallic black over that. As with all of the Tamiya large scale models the engine went together seamlessly. I did something a little different this time as far as the lighting goes. I went with number 0402 SMD type LED’s throughout this one. These are amazing little buggers. About the size of a pinhead with wires smaller than angel hair pasta and the resistors are pre-attached AWAY from the base of the light at the end of the wire. Making installation a lot easier. These are shots of the test fit of the fenders and the front end as well as the saddlebags. As is usual, there were no fit issues. These show how small those wires on those SMD’s really are. You can clearly see the wires as well as the resistors here. I cut a hole in the back side of the right fuel tank to place the resistors as well as the extra wiring that came off of the front end. I was careful to NOT cut off the mounting points for the tank itself. And here is the tank after being mounted with the wires already installed inside. You can also see the lone lead wire coming out the rear (left side) of the tank. And, of course, after all of this work a lighting test is required. I test and retest often to make sure I haven’t pinched, cut, or otherwise disconnected any wires in the process. These are a couple of rather simple photos showing the gauges setup. And here is the completed model. This has been done in Star Spangled Blue over Flat Black primer. The white is Pearl White over Flat White primer. This is as close as I could get to any sort of original colors for this year bike without special ordering something directly from Harley-Davidson which would have been overly expensive. So I did some research to see what colors would have been available during that time period. There are a couple of engine closeups as well as one of the seat. The one of the seat was done simply because I though it was a cool way to mount it to the bike. Keeping true to the original that’s for sure. Hope that you enjoy these and, as always, please feel free to ask any questions and leave any comments!!!!! Here are the photos showing the 0402 SMD type LED's in operation.
  6. Real wheel setup and the jugs for the engine coming along nicely.
  7. JUST started working on the 1/12 Heller "Road Bike". Well, that's what it states on the box anyway. In reality this IS a Honda. And it's looking like it will be a good build. Decent molding and VERY little flash. However, I did notice that the decals appear to be pretty poorly done. Other than that this one should be interesting.....
  8. No, this was not a ready made set of lights. Those are 1.5mm LED's. Each one had to be hand drilled and mounted separately. Wires were hidden inside the fenders, under the frame, and, where necessary, they were made to look like wiring for the bike itself.
  9. I have already posted this as a completed build. But I thought you might like to check out the build photos. I am happy to answer any and all questions so feel free to ask. After all, the only STUPID question is the one that's NEVER asked......
  10. Here's my 1/6 Tamiya Harley with Sidecar. I added working lights as well as going with a POW/MIA tribute and making the decals myself for this one.
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