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  1. Super idea on the watch parts looks brilliant so far
  2. Looking good Giles and a kit I wanted but never got, rider looks cool too. So far so good
  3. Beautiful bike Sandro, looks so realistic and the tyre warmer is a real treat to see
  4. A real F1 car and beautifully made too
  5. Think theres only 1 minter left and Mr Bean drives it, the rest have been used for banger racing I reckon
  6. is this the one you were doubling up with Mark on? Epic detailing and no mate you cant top that....................... Can you????
  7. I saw this on escale and then stumbled upon it on FB and knew it was yours, stands out a mile, very nicely done mate, very nice
  8. Beautiful model, really like the colour
  9. Beautiful work Dallas, really really nice
  10. Umm, yeah Ash, not Gaz mate. Should have mate its really nice
  11. Thanks guys! Al im waiting for you to donate your Braham 1/12 to me
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