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  1. If I could get mine looking half as good as this I’d be happy! Stunning work!
  2. Sorry everyone, I got on a roll and considering how long it has been since I actually finished a kit I just kept going.... Anyway, there are PLENTY of silly mistakes and problems that I failed to correct but overall I’m really pleased with the final look. I added some withering to make it look like its been through a race (Monaco). I’ll make an effort to get some better photos..
  3. Rainy days are good for one thing....
  4. I’m trying my first forum post in almost 10 years so any encouragement would be greatly appreciated to help me get back into this hobby. This is my entry for the Scale Models and Figurines Facebook page group build and the plans are for it to be only slightly detailed so I can actually finish it. So far, the engine and tyres are done.....
  5. Wow! This is looking superb!
  6. Absolutely stunning replica! Hats off to you. The finished model looks superb!
  7. I’ll be following this closely. Nice start by the way!
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