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  1. That tricolor looks amazing. Nice work as always.
  2. Very nice. It looks great. Love the look of the brakes and exhaust.
  3. Impressive work and amazingly quick progress. Love it.
  4. Very cool project. I always woundered is Ebro was worth the money. I was contemplating picking up their lotus 49. Keep up the good work. I'll be following this build.
  5. Nice work. Love those tire warmers. Wish they weren't so hard to find now days.
  6. Thanks Marco. I'll try that hollow axle trick and I can't say enough good things about your jig. Its awesome!
  7. Here's where I'm at on this Ducati 916. Its being built box stock. I'm trying a lot of new techniques and paint systems on this one to improve my skills for my later builds. Hope you guys like it.
  8. Very cool. I will be following this build for sure.
  9. Wow! That's beautiful! Is the writing on the tires and rotors white pencil? Is the white specs on the carbon rotors also pencil?
  10. How did you do the carbon decals and cut them for the mounting band? Thank you.
  11. Thank you sir. I didn't even think about the body being molded in color. I forget tamiya used to do that. I have a Nissan R90 that 3/4s of the kit is bright red. End up using a gallon of primer trying to cover that.
  12. Great work. Car looks amazing. Group C cars have always been one of my favorites. I'd love to build one of these. But with these kits selling for over $100 I think I'll wait and see if tamiya ever releases them.
  13. Very cool. Vintage Formula 1 cars are always a pleasure to see. Great work.
  14. Beautiful work and a beautiful car. This is my dream kit. Nice to see the process of one being built. Keep up the great work!
  15. This has to be one of the coolist ideas I've seen in a long time. Very well excited as well. Nice work.
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