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  1. Awesome model. I'm planning to light something up by myself. So, a few questions. Did you buy pre-wired smd LED or you soldered them by yourself. What wires (gauge, maybe some number) did you use?
  2. Thanks, I'm glad you liked it ) Hello, Mark! It's me - the first owner of your jig in Russia )) I remember I promise you to post some photos and I'll do it. I'm still going to start NSR500 and use your jig)))
  3. That's the finish results. I hope it will be interesting for you. More photos and another my projects you could find at Instagram @plastic_garage
  4. About clear parts. All turn lights, stop-signal and headlight was made in black or chrome plastic in the kit. I found a clear part for headlight from another Aoshima kit. I drilled out the imitation of glass and left just a rim. I made a bulb with a stretched clear sprue. A reflector I made with self-adhesive metal tape, but I don’t like how it looks ( Next time I should invent something else. A stop-signal and turn lights I made with clear epoxy glue. I re-made shock absorbers. I painted the engine and glued a bunch of PE nuts. I painted body parts with enamel paints. I’d heard that enamel paint doesn’t friend with 2k lacquer. So, I cover the paint with Future at first. I think color of paint and decals are the same. The wheels. It was a challenge to delete seam lines from tires ))) Then I installed the engine on the frame. I made the exhaust pipe cover with a self-adhesive metal foil and a few PE nuts. I made a rear brake mechanism with metal piece of the “Red bull” can and 0.2 mm rod. Then I changed all nuts on PE from Top Studio, installed all wires, added some clamps and install a spring to the sidestep.
  5. I tried to improve clutch. I added a spark plug and made fittings for carburetor and exhaust systems. I remade a sidestep. I added a spring after. I filled the backside of the muffler with epoxy putty and drilled an exhaust pipe. I had lost a speedometer in the beginning of the project (in the middle of dechroming process)) and I had to make a new one. I saved chrome just on mirrors.
  6. Hello to everybody! I want to say "Hi" to everyone. I am glad that there is such a great forum in the Internet now. I like to build motorbikes, but it’s not so popular in general and especially in my country. And now I found a place where I can find a gorgeous WIP and chat with true professionals. I’m sure I will be able to learn a lot new here. As a first post at this forum I want to tell you about one of my recent project. This is Honda Z50 “Gorilla” from Aoshima in 1/12 scale. Great bike, but the kit is cheap and even at the first look it’s poor detailed. There are not so many parts in this kit, there are a mold flash and sink marks (It’s from a dictionary, I don’t know the right words for this I hope you will understand what I want to say) and awful seam lines on tires. But the main 2 problems are: 1) The engine doesn’t have a back wall! 2) There are no clear parts (headlights, turn signals) in the kit So, we have some works here ))) Let’s go! I started with the engine. On the real bike the engine installs on loops on frame. I decided to do it like it has to be on a real bike. So I could assemble and paint the engine separate from frame. So, I cut the engine out of frame and cut some needless parts from frame (which imitate that loops). Also Aoshima offers to install foot pads right into the engine – cut them off too. Then I made a rear wall of the engine with plastic and epoxy putty in accordance with reference photos. I made some molding lines with stretched sprue. I added a rod for foot pads, oil drain plug and a ledge to connect the engine to loops on frame. I made the loops with 0.5 mm plastic card. Also I cut off all bolts and nuts on the frame. I removed axle shaft (I made it with 1.5 mm metal rod) to set rear wheel after painting the frame. I drilled the holes in a sprocket and did saw cuts on chain to make it looks better and added chain tensioner. I filled the space in a fuel tank and made a fuel-valve.
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