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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. After finally waving goodbye to my 2xR500 models that I have been carrying around the world for 17 years, I'm on to my next Caterham model - also 'ordered' back in 2002. I have very patient friends! But I'm on a role now, so hopefully this one should only be about 9 years.... This will be a model of a K-series Superlight - so no cage or decals (thanks god) but the same level of detail - in fact probably more after 17 years 'experience'... Here are a few shots of the 'real' car: But in this model I have already made extensive use of my new 3D printer. I have pushed myself with Solidworks, and drawn up the k-series engine entirely - every part drawn up and printed. Have also made a start on ancillaries like ECU etc. This first load of pictures will be a big dump, as I started a month ago but did not do the sensible thing and start the build diary as I went - so this is the catch up... This version of the kit is getting harder to find - it has not been re-issued by Tamiya. I got this one in 2002! I actually end up using less and less of these kits with these builds - but nothing replicates the chassis or ali bodywork, which is superb. Because the engine is different from the BDR in the kit, I have to block off the hole in the bonnet that is for the old-style carbs. Also have to fill the spare wheel carrier bolt hole on this particular car. I fitted the interior/floor ali panels - I'm not 'weathering' the car as such, but added some wear and tear to reduce the shiny ali look. The Tamiya kit comes with an old style heater (about 3 models back I think!) and this model has a newer version - I had to make a new bulkhead surface to cover the larger holes on the kit version. I had started the engine at this point, but once the owner sent me his touch-up paint pot, I primed and sprayed the other aluminium panels, rear wings and nose. The paint is a Ferrari metallic grey, so also needed a clear coat. On this kit, the wings and nose are 'carbon fibre' and these parts come with a 'carbon effect' pattern. It is a little crude, but I am going to keep it for the nose strip and the front wings - I shall 'dull it down' a bit with some Tamiya Smoke paint.
  2. Ok - I *think* this is a race car, although very much based on a road car!! Please feel free to move if it is better on the 'street' forum! By the way - if something does not make sense in terms of order, it is probably because I'm replying to a question that had popped up on the original WIP.... I'm starting a number of WIP's at the same time as I need to start somewhere with uploading lots of pictures - then when I get to update the models it becomes easier to update in 'real time'! This project started over 12 years ago! I was inbetween jobs (briefly) and had started to dabble with Caterham models - I got my real Caterham in about 2001, hence the connection. I was tweaking existing diecasts (Kyosho 1/18) for friends, and cut a long story short, a fellow 7'ner - who raced them - got in touch and 'commissioned' models of his two race cars - but we decided to use the Tamiya 1/12 kits as a base. These are stunning in terms of detail - almost built exactly like the real car - indeed I heard that the tooling for these kits were the most expensive Tamiya had made (no ide if that is true) - but the boss had one and wanted to make a kit. The kits are silly money now - really wish they would re-issue. They made three - the one above, a JPE special (the luminous yellow one) and a more traditional looking car with flared wings. One very cold day in 2002 I went up to Snetterton race track to have some rides and take lots of photos of the two cars, to use as reference in making the kits. I made a good start on the kits, and was able to use the workshop at the design consultancy where I was working (after the break) The real life took over - I got the next full time job, and time seemed to pass...until it was over a decade since I started the kits! In that time I moved a few times, and am now in New York. Ironically now that I am based in NYC, I am obviously not able to use my Caterham in the UK - and all that that 'scene' entails - so suddenly I have some more time again - so after gradually bringing all the kits over to the States each time I traveled, I now have everything over here. With more disposable income than back then, I'm getting back into modelling - got an airbrush now - another big difference from back then is the availability of so many 'detail' kits in terms of carbon finishes etc - the internet has made this all much easier! So now I have started on these kits again, I thought I'd post a WIP to encourage myself to update regularly. But first I'll cover the 'first stage' of these cars - from back in 2002-4. So the first huge set of pictures are all pretty old and of varying quality. I'd say I had completed about 80% of the work by the time it all stopped - so now to finish them! Part of the delay was the difficulty in scratch making certain parts - I'm not a professional model maker, and do/did not have access to a full workshop - I used what I could at various times. 3D printing will help a huge amount with finishing certain details - like the carbon fibre seats - once I learn how to draw them up in Solidworks. Ok - that is the long introduction to the build - I'll get on with uploading the stuff now!! The Kits. Two of the kits have the old Ford BDR engine at their heart. The JPE has the 2ltr Vauxhall engine modeled. I need neither - both the cars i am building have k-series rover engines. The chassis is remarkably accurate. having totally rebuilt my (real) car I can say that you build this kit in almost exactly the same way as the real thing! The kit has aluminium panels that fit in the same way as the 1/1 version. The shows the Tamiya 1/12 chassis next to the Kyosho 1/18 car and a 1/43 model. Here is the first model I made for someone (these were not 'paid' jobs) using a Kyosho 1/18 model. How it started: How it ended up: Pretty crude by the standards of most on here! But every detail is like the original car, down to the tax disc... This also required an 'engine change', from a twincam to a simple crossflow... (original BDR below) Right - enough of that old 1/18 stuff!! Back to the big models....
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