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Found 10 results

  1. Well here it is, about 18 month after I started it. One of my most detailed builds to date. Thanks to everyone that followed along with the WIP. I really enjoyed this build and tried to go all-out with it. I decided early on to display it with the bonnet off, and also to have the front wheels off so the suspension and brake details can be seen.
  2. I started this back in October, but only just getting back to it and realised I'd not posted it up here. So here goes. The first post will be the box contents and some of the extras I plan to use. I picked up the Hobby Design set before even getting the kit, but then I found the Studio 27 set so just had to have that. Box art in all it's glory: On to the contents. I'll let the parts speak for themselves On recommendation, I went for the Hobby Design wheels. Having done a bit of research, they are technically incorrect for the red DTM car, but I'm going to go with them as I prefer the look and it makes it a bit different from all the others Studio 27 CF decals Kit decals. Great to see they are printed by Cartograph so I don't expect any problems from them First detail set - this one from Hobby Design includes lots of photo etch, resin and turned metal rivets Next is the S27 set. Even more detail and quite a bit of white metal parts included. Instructions for both detail sets Studio 27 decals. These are also printed by Cartograph and look high quality as you would expect
  3. Here’s the compleed photos for my Ferrari 812. First off, thanks to those that followed with the WIP and watched my videos. Much appreciated. There were a couple of areas I could have improved on, but all in all I enjoyed the build.
  4. WIP can be found here: Honda NSR500 '84 Detail Up Sets Used: Hobby Design Detail Up Set Top Studio Clutch Set Top Studio Steering Damper Top Studio Chain Set Decals: Tamiya Kit Decals Tabu Option Decal (for the Michelin logo on the rear swingarm) Nuts and Bolts: Various T2M, Top Studio and RB Motion Wiring and Cables: T2M, MFH, Tamiya Kit Tubing and Sakatsu Solder Wire Paint: Alclad Metalizers (Frame, and Components) Tamiya Semi Gloss Black TS-29 Decanted (Engine, Front Uprights, Wheel Rims) Alclad Grey Primer Zero Paints Honda NSR500 '84 Red and White (Cowlings) Tamiya TS15 Blue (Cowlings) Zero Paints 2K Clear This build was also featured on the front cover of Tamiya Model Magazine's June 2018 Issue number 272, with an eight page write up of the build etc
  5. Here’s my next build - the Tamiya Castrol Celica WRC Rally car. To start off, here are the box contents: And the Hobby Design set - loads of goodies in here!
  6. Here’s the next one on the bench, Tamiya Repsol Honda RC211V with a few extras.
  7. Well, here it is, the completed photos for the Tamiya Ferrari LaFerrari I built here. Thanks to all that followed along. Built with the use of the Hobby Design set and painted with Zero paints pretty much throughout, along with the Tamiya carbon fibre set. I used Scale Motorsports twill weave carbon fibre decals for the roof. Body colour was Nero Daytona metallic black and the stripes were Ferrari Rosso red. As this was my first video build I was keen to make this as clean as possible. I used the Hiroboy's adhesive flocking sheets over the dashboard, arm rests and roof lining, along with a few other little extras, like the seatbelts, 12v socket in the centre console and extra rivets here and there. I think this all adds an extra element to the model. First time using the Zero paints diamond clear on this and the results are fantastic. The photos really don't do it justice.
  8. Here's my next project - Tamiya's Ferrari LaFerrari with the Hobby Design set and Tamiya CF decals. Hopefully I will make a start on it at the weekend. Contents of the HD set for those that are interested.
  9. Recently finish this build of the 1/24 Aoshima Lamborghini Huracan with the Hobby Design Liberty Walk wide body trans kit. The HD kit included lots of photoetch on top of the nine piece body kit as well as wheels and tires. I did however use a different set of wheels. Overall I think it's a great kit with my only real complaint being how the side glass is installed
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