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Found 13 results

  1. Hi guys Here I will start a WIP which will probably take some time to get ready. First and foremost, this is not even about the construction but the 3D printing. And I want to share this with you. The first thing on the plan was to reprint the rims of the YZR. Unfortunately, I did not find any drawings on the internet, so I printed them the way I liked them the most. It was not an easy task, because I did not want to succeed in the first 3 D pressure. Constructed with DesignSpark Mechanical. Printed with Elegoo Mars right side kit rim see you next time :)
  2. Got this one all buttoned up now. Thanks to those that followed along with the WIP. It was almost built box stock - but then I decided to re-spoke he wheels to make them look better. I also added a few resin rivets here and there where they were missing, along with some RB Motion spark plugs. Other than that it’s all kit parts detail painted. I decided to go for a well used look like an unrestored ‘daily driver’. Something used regularly, but with 40 years worth of use and abuse so there are some marks around the tank etc to add to this effect.
  3. Hey all! So after my stalled Mazda 787B build I started back on a motorbike model. This one is a pretty awesome kit (expensive too with all the additional dress up parts) and I think Tamiya really went to town when they produced this kit. Apparently this motorbike is a bit of a legend as it won every single GP race it entered in 1966 with Mike Hailwood on board. I will be building the number 16 Mike Hailwood version and as usual I will add as much detail as I can possibly muster. I have also splashed out on the Tamiya brand chain set, rivet set, front fork and clutch set, wheel set and finally the Hobby Design detail up set. I think that covers everything so far, hope you all enjoy this build and I will try this time to get more pics of the various parts. As usual C&C most welcome
  4. Hello everyone, It has been a loooooooong time since I picked up glue and airbrush: last bike I built was in 2017, right before my daughter was born. Now I am almost able to find some spare time, and I decided to reopen the box of the last bike I was working on, the Tamiya Honda RS1000. I bought it second hand on eBay, and the guy had already started the kit. Luckily he only glued a few pieces together and stopped, so I can build it and paint it as I prefer. I think I will build it rather stock, with a few improvements such as PE bolts, more cables and wires and probably a proper seat, but I am not going overboard with it, because I am a believer of the old "completion over perfection". Plus I have two more kits I really want to build! It still will be a slow one: modelling time is not much! This WIP then starts with the engine already glued and painted, and at the moment I am detailing it with Studio 27 rivets and bolts. Here is where we are now:
  5. WIP can be found here: Honda NSR500 '84 Detail Up Sets Used: Hobby Design Detail Up Set Top Studio Clutch Set Top Studio Steering Damper Top Studio Chain Set Decals: Tamiya Kit Decals Tabu Option Decal (for the Michelin logo on the rear swingarm) Nuts and Bolts: Various T2M, Top Studio and RB Motion Wiring and Cables: T2M, MFH, Tamiya Kit Tubing and Sakatsu Solder Wire Paint: Alclad Metalizers (Frame, and Components) Tamiya Semi Gloss Black TS-29 Decanted (Engine, Front Uprights, Wheel Rims) Alclad Grey Primer Zero Paints Honda NSR500 '84 Red and White (Cowlings) Tamiya TS15 Blue (Cowlings) Zero Paints 2K Clear This build was also featured on the front cover of Tamiya Model Magazine's June 2018 Issue number 272, with an eight page write up of the build etc
  6. Hi guys. This is my first post here so I thought I'd share my recently finished Tamiya 1/6 Honda Africa Twin. Kit is built box stock with the only addition being a few photo etched hose clamps. Paint is mostly Tamiya TS spray cans (some decanted and airbrushed). Custom mixed testors metallizers and Alclad chrome. This was a really enjoyable build, even more so than any of the other awesome Tamiya 1/6 Bikes. Thanks for looking. Regards, Dan.
  7. Hi all, I finished up a client build of the NSR500 Daytona 200 version. The main differences between the Daytona version and the standard 1984 NSR500 are: - no vents on the rear tail section for the Daytona 200 version - different colour scheme for the rear hugger - different colour scheme for the cowlings - fuel fillers on both side of the bike (on the main fairing) So overall a little bit of modifying was required. I didn't do a build diary for this one because it was a client build that originally had a fairly tight deadline. In terms of detail, both axles, and the controls section were heavily detailed, the engine was not because the cowlings are permanently attached to the bike, I used the kit chain for this one as well. On with the pics, any questions feel free to ask
  8. Just started a new kit. I’ve never done a Hasegawa motorbike kit before and I have to say I’m really impressed. To start it off, here’s a video of the contents. I won’t be doing a video build for this one though.
  9. Here’s the next one on the bench, Tamiya Repsol Honda RC211V with a few extras.
  10. Next up on the bench! This one will take some time as I will be flying out to UK in a couple of weeks for a month. I bought the kit with the clear parts but I'm not sure whether I will use the clear parts or stick with standard parts. I have a habit of leaving off cowlings and engine covers as I am crazy about doing extra detailing on engines so thats why I originally bought this with the clear parts. Maybe if its possible I will do one half without the clear parts and the other half with. I am hoping that while I'm on holidays that Top Studio releases a chain set for this, so fingers crossed for that
  11. WIP can be found here: Honda RC166 WIP And how it will be displayed, I also decided to change it up by using a grey background
  12. Hello friends, Well, even though I just started a new car kit, I can't help myself but to tinker with a two-wheeler too... Starting another kit would not make sense with the bench time I get, so I decided to pull one from my "shelf of doom" (which is very small mind you, this is really the only kit I consider to be on that shelf). the last time I worked on this kit is probably a decade ago. I remember putting it aside be because I wasn't happy with the paint job, and I also broke one of the clip-ons from the handlebars. As you can see in the pics, the paintjob is bad: orange peel, very bad job on the fadeout of the white on the cowling, and paint flaking off on the wheels. Some seamlines are still visible like on the tank, and the decals were never cleared so they have been eating "box dust" for the last 10 years.
  13. Here she is. My first "detailed" motorcycle kit. I used the AcuStion PE set (which had a rather bad fit unfortunately), extra wiring of various kinds and brands, top studio bolts and PE boltheads, braided hose, PE hoseclamps, and a few home made mods like the battery with terminals and cables connected to it. I did some wiring to the engine on both ends as well as a few other things. Note that although I'm versed in motorcycle and car engineering, I didn't seek to achieve technical accuracy with the wiring; I just wanted it to look a bit more detailed. Paint is tammy rattle can red for the cowl, mostly alclad and zero paints for the rest with a few dabs of tammy acrylic here and there. Clear coated with ZP 1K premixed. Lessons to take away from this build for me are that I need to build up the paint layer a lot more, both the colour as well as the clear. There is a small spot on the front fender where I went straight through although I only did a light sanding with 2000 grit and then straight to Tammy fine and finisher compound. I'll be trying that out straight away with the builds on the bench. Also, working with these small details is a challenge on the eyes. I see sharper up close than many people at my age as I'm myopic (need glasses for seeing far away) but some of these PE boltheads are soooo small that I need magnification. (I used 0.6mm boltheads on the battery terminal connections) I hope you enjoy the pictures, sorry for the changes in white balance but I'm still experimenting with an external flash I bought recently for my DSLR. I also struggled with the depth of field, it's tricky to get everyting sharp that you want to see sharp if you're close to the subject. I closed the diaphragm as much as I could but even in a lightbox with a flash and ISO maxed out, I was still at shutter speeds between 60 and 10 Comments and feedback are of course welcome!
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