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Found 6 results

  1. Ok John and Simon, then I will start a short wip . Tamiya's KR500 is quite an old kit (1984). Many details are not as accurate as today's models, there was also only a PE kit from Acustion. But it is a really nice bike . The tank frame construction alone makes it something special. The exhaust must still be filled inside here Here I had still used modeling filler, today I use 2k filler or since recently a good 1K filler from Bindulin Sorry for my mess😁 Engine and rear suspension etc. Cylinder head bolts I would replace today with Masterclub bolts ,just looks better . E
  2. Hi guys Without much words . Build 2015
  3. Hi guys Then I also want to start a small WIP and that to the Kawasaki KR1000F The kit is already finished (2017), but I wanted to show it to you anyway. I hope that's alright for you? Is a kit from the 80s with homemade, I hope you enjoy it. And sorry for my bad English. I started with the Bling Bling Chrome Fork..... After entchroming with oven spray So, see you next time.
  4. Hi guys Here are some pictures of the finished Kawasaki. Spring on the exhaust has been redone again. Oil pressure hose I have staged by Elastic Cord, you do not see in the Wip. The Cabel Tensioner are homemade and I forgot to paint. Balancing weights on the handlebars are turned parts . Until the next Time ......
  5. This is the Tamiya 1/6 Kawasaki that I have recently completed. Operating head and tail lights and flashing turn signals. This model was typical of a Tamiya build. All quality and very little, if any, fitting issues. The only problem that I had was replacing the broken windscreen. This was done by simply cutting a matching piece from a plastic Coke bottle. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.....
  6. Another completed project. 1/12 Kawasaki ZZR1400 pretty much OOB. Hope you like it! Cheers, Martijn
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