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Found 8 results

  1. WIP can be found here: WIP Lotus 49 Nuts and Bolts: Various T2M, Top Studio and RB Motion as well as the RB Motion DFV cam cover bolt set Wiring and Cables: T2M, MFH, and MFH kit tubing Paint: Alclad Metalizers Alclad Grey Primer Tamiya TS-43, Tamiya TS-16 and Zero Paints 2K Clear
  2. So I have decided to pull out one of my big 'proper' kits! This is the Model Factory Hiro Porsche 956 in 1/12 scale. It has a tonne of white metal parts, which means its going to weigh a tonne once its finished! The bodyshell is thankfully resin though. Here is the car with the late great Aryton Senna driving it at the 1984 World Endurance Championship Nurburgring 1000km This is my first MFH kit so I plan to build this pretty much box stock unless there are obvious parts that need further detail. Bearing this in mind there are some inaccuracies with this kit and the actual car and as I said I will stick with the box stock instructions. So first thing to do when doing a large multimedia kit like this is to check if any parts are missing, then the parts need to be organised based on their step in the instructions. As I find each part I use a highlighter to mark that I have checked the part is there After a while you end up with neatly packed parts, I suggest to go to your local hardware or stationery shop and get some plastic organisers as it will make your life much easier while building And here is the whole kit all neatly packed and ready to be built! This build might take a while to complete so I hope anyone following this will be ready for the long haul :))
  3. Here what will be my next project - a 1:24 Model Factory Hiro kit of a 1968 Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/2. I've not decided yet which version I will go with, but thought I would make a start with the box contents. As always with MFH kits, they are beautifully presented an a red cardboard box Model details are on the side Opening up the box, we are presented with the full colour instruction sheet below this, we can start to see the details. On the right is the resin body, with the clear parts and decals on the left Underneath the decals we find the while metal parts And underneath this, and the foam layer are the PE sheets Onto the details - The resin body. Nicely cast, as you would expect with very little amount of cleanup from what I can see Clear parts -these are vacuum formed so will need to be carefully cut out Decal sheets - I'm not going to remove the protective cover until I'm ready to use them, but at first appearance these are crisp and nicely printed. Again - you would expect nothing less Wheels and tyres - the wheels are nicely turned aluminium and very nicely moulded and detailed rubber tyres to wrap them with. A few more turned metal parts A few extra details - wires, rods and other miscellaneous parts onto the white metal - first bag is the chassis components Second bag contains all the smaller parts which will make up the bulk of the model - these all need identifying and sorting as they are not labelled or numbered like you would get in a mass produced plastic kit. As they are soft metal, they could also be some that are out of shape. All will need careful clean up and attention from the casting process Photo etch - two frets in the box. All nice and detailed - and no tabs to clean up which is a bonus! Onto the instructions - all nicely layed out and illustrated in colour. Reference photos are a necessity to get the correct colours and details for these
  4. Here we go - another 1/12 on the go! Engine first obviously...for my F1 engine 'group-shot' plan. So a bit of 'un-boxing', as I have shown with my other kits. Its nice to show the parts and detail in these MFH kits, and maybe encourage others to give one a go. Usual folder of instructions, decals, foils and PE parts. This instruction manual seems to be quite a few pages more than some others I have... Templates for carbon, foil and ali sheet... Very nice PE parts, including radiator mesh, clips, paint masks, wing endplates, pins etc etc Pack of other detail parts - seat belt ribbon, clear parts, rods, pins, tie-wraps etc... Wheels and tyres always look cool - turned ali hubs, molded tyres including the 'Michelin' logo, and lots of other tyre info molded into the rubber - also there seems to be a very nice mildly-buffed feel to the tyres - won't need to scrub them in much or remove any mold lines (on the contact surface anyway) On to the metal components - usual plastic-ziploc-bags-in-bubble-wrap packaging......grrrrr Lots and lots of bits! lovely details.... The legend... Nice seat belt buckle... ...and a LOT of rivets! This kit seems slightly cheaper than other recent 1/12 kits - I think it is because it is such a simple, pure shape, there is less 'bodywork' than other kits! Resin parts very crisp... And here is where most of those rivets will end up! As before, I'll start with the engine...
  5. I am a very big F1 fan, and Senna is a hero - so this car is rather a historic model (for the wrong reasons). This is my first 'multi-media' model (resin, white metal etc) so will be asking advice I am sure... This kit was only released a few weeks ago. (Incidently, I bought all the kits direct from MFH in Japan) Loads of parts as you would expect - all of them lovely... Note the pen for scale! The white metal is quite soft - lots of reshaping required when I get to them... Resin parts.... Very nice turned wheels, and rubber tyres, thankfully with the logos already applied! Rubber 'boots' for electrical connectors... Lots of rivets, cables, turned ali parts etc etc I'm going to start with the engine, and assembling the vehicle as a 'test' build, just to make sure everything fits.... I've purchased a source book, and collected lots of pictures from the web, to refer to...I'll add some more pictures of the kit contents when I can grab some more pics.... (apologies, pics are mainly iphone, and usually taken late at night when I actually have time to work on the kit, hence a bit dark!)
  6. Latest from MFH ! This will be another sleeper - got plenty on the go, but if anyone is interested on what is in the box of this latest 1/12 offering from MFH... New box design! Quite a few plastic parts Grrr - my pet MFH hate...delicate, thin parts, wrapped in tight cling film. Another minor point - MFH include templates for cutting out ali-foil, masks etc etc - but you have to cut them out yourself - which is no problem, except they are printed within the instruction booklet - ie: they have other stuff on the back - so you have to copy and print your own. No big deal if you have a printer etc, but be nicer for these to be supplied on a separate sheet of paper. Red circle shows a useful visual guide to all the similar pipe fittings you have to sort through... This will be fun! Decals... Lovely detailed PE parts... Detail parts... Big canopy to trim... Body is huge! Full size keyboard behind for scale... ....so, a very quick over view. I am sure someone will start this soon. I'll probably do my usual and start with the engine shortly.... cheers
  7. Uploading another WIP! Once again, from elsewhere - so if there are comments that make no sense, they are probably answering questions that won't be on here - if that makes sense! These are all long term WIP's - I started a few models at once - for variety... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Having started my MP4/4 WIP I am adding another. I'm starting a few kits at the same time - I want to do a 'compare engines' project at some point. This will be picture heavy again, and it is partly to get tips from your guys, so all comments welcome! Don't expect fast progress - finding time to do this stuff gets harder and harder - but I hope you enjoy... I went for the red 'Version C' that raced at '70 Sarthe 24hr Race' - I love the Gulf cars, but 'everyone does them...' Lovely massive box... Lots of lovely bits - clear parts, resin body, lovely machined rims etc... ...and there - my pet hate with MFH - the packaging of the metal parts!!! ...with all that framework, you just know that some will be bent. ...for this much money, they must package these better!! Back to the goodness... Very nice 'resin look' parts, as seen on the real cars... Resin body... ...all very nice. Now onto the large number of metal bits... That's my box! Be nice if MFH used something similar to package! Example of a few additional purchases... Looking forward to starting this one - engine first. There are some incredible examples of this kit (or similar) on these forums already, so great source material, and targets to aim for...
  8. Updating my WIP's over here, so am adding another. It looks like I have lots going on, but I wanted to build some engines to compare - so work stopped on a lot of these as I carried on with the BT52b. I can tell the difference between that new kit and these older ones...so these WIPs might sit here for a while, gradually heading down the list until the next updates!! .............................................................................................................................................................................................................................. As a big Senna fan it seems I am gravitating to building 'his' cars, coupled with the fact that I have friends at McLaren. I made plastic kits 30 years ago - getting back into it now. What a massive difference the internet makes, in every way. Recognize a few here from other forums, so apologies for the repetition here as I catch up with my WIP and bring them up to date. This is my first MFH kit, and first multi-media build, but got lost of advice from here and other forums - continual learning process. I'll keep the 'unboxing' pictures to a minimum as all these kits have been seen many times on here I think.... I also bought this book as a picture source - it is really good with lots of technical detail - unlike the one they have produced for the Williams FW16 which is a bit light on what is under the bodywork.
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