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Found 3 results

  1. imster

    Lotus 49

    WIP can be found here: WIP Lotus 49 Nuts and Bolts: Various T2M, Top Studio and RB Motion as well as the RB Motion DFV cam cover bolt set Wiring and Cables: T2M, MFH, and MFH kit tubing Paint: Alclad Metalizers Alclad Grey Primer Tamiya TS-43, Tamiya TS-16 and Zero Paints 2K Clear
  2. Hi all! I started this one a little while ago but I've been way to busy to get time to post up a diary on the forums until now! So this is the Lotus 49 driven by the late Jim Clark in the South Africa GP of 1968, this was the last formula 1 race Jim Clark drove before his untimely death. This is an MFH kit which means lots of white metal and resin with zero plastic! Despite MFH kits being designed to a very high level of detail there are some areas and issues which need to be improved on and corrected. As the build gather pace I will go through the amendments and modifications made. To start here is some photos of the box and the kit contents: The box contents: This is how I organize my MFH builds, unlike traditional kits, the parts aren't on sprues which means you need to organize them based on their step in the instructions, once you have your parts organised like this then it becomes much easier to build without delays and it also will help you to single out any parts which are missing: The version I am building is the 1968 South African GP, Jim Clark: Some of the books I am using for reference, there are some more which I will post later on: I hope to update this thread soon so stay tuned!
  3. Hey all! So I am venturing into the world of 1/12 F1 cars and in light of our recent launch of Scaleworks365.com I decided to build something pretty special and exclusive only to this forum and nowhere else as will be pretty much my plan going forwards anyways! This build might be a long term build depending on how I go and possible short periods of burnout lol. I was hoping to make it extremely detailed but due to lack of tools I am unable to manufacture my own parts so I am left with purchasing detail up sets. So I managed to get a few detail up sets so it will have a fair bit done to it over the standard kit but not as much as I had hoped to add originally. That said I will be probably using this build as a 'practice' for another extreme detailed build sometime in the future. This is not to say that this build will be sub par, I plan to make this one test all my abilities and push my learning curve as well! The plan is to scratch build quite a few parts (styrene parts) and obviously add turned nuts and bolts, I also have a distinct hatred of Tamiya phillips head screws so I will be covering them up or replacing them with more realistic bolts and fittings. Plumbing will be a huge challenge as there is tonnes of wiring going in every direction! I have a brake and suspension detail up set as well as a PE set too, I will also be recreating the electrical connectors and I might even have a go at creating my own decals as there are a few that I require for this build that aren't included in the kit. In terms of authenticity, I will to the best of my ability build it as the car was raced, from what I have learned so far the Tamiya kit has quite a few errors and some of them I will rectify and others I might just leave as they are. An example of what Tamiya got wrong is that they mixed up the Renault engine parts quite a bit between the RS3 and the RS4, the RS4 injectors were totally different to the RS3 but Tamiya used the RS3 style instead of the correct RS4. Whether or not I will be able to rectify this issue remains to be seen! Detail up parts I will be using are from Thunder Valley F1 (TVF1), I was weary before ordering from this company as I heard loads of rumours about issues etc. I took a leap of faith and ordered from them. Although not the greatest when it comes to getting the parts made and posted, the guy who runs it seems to be a good natured person. In my case I ordered the full complement of parts for the FW14b from their site, I received everything except for half of the suspension set and and a few other parts, despite being told that everything would come together I am still waiting for the rest of the suspension set as well as a couple of other parts but I should hopefully be getting them soon! Nothing like the feeling of parting with your money and being held ransom from that point onwards!! This will also be my first build in my new house with my new workshop! It is much larger and I have much more deskspace which will help with this kit as its pretty large! Heres some pics of my workshop: More updates to come soon!!