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Found 36 results

  1. Finally got round to taking some completed photos for this build. Overall I'm happy with it. I didn't experience any real problems along the way, it all went together as you would expect from a Tamiya kit. I added a few extras, like neodymium magnets to replace the fairing screws and wire on the hand grips and SMS PE set, but overall I was wanting to concentrate on having a nice, clean build. This was the first time I've been successful with polishing, which I put down to buying the Zero Paints polishing set. Thanks for looking and thanks to those that followed along in the WIP here.
  2. I started this back in October, but only just getting back to it and realised I'd not posted it up here. So here goes. The first post will be the box contents and some of the extras I plan to use. I picked up the Hobby Design set before even getting the kit, but then I found the Studio 27 set so just had to have that. Box art in all it's glory: On to the contents. I'll let the parts speak for themselves On recommendation, I went for the Hobby Design wheels. Having done a bit of research, they are technically incorrect for the red DTM car, but I'm going to go with them as I prefer the look and it makes it a bit different from all the others Studio 27 CF decals Kit decals. Great to see they are printed by Cartograph so I don't expect any problems from them First detail set - this one from Hobby Design includes lots of photo etch, resin and turned metal rivets Next is the S27 set. Even more detail and quite a bit of white metal parts included. Instructions for both detail sets Studio 27 decals. These are also printed by Cartograph and look high quality as you would expect
  3. Hey all! So after my stalled Mazda 787B build I started back on a motorbike model. This one is a pretty awesome kit (expensive too with all the additional dress up parts) and I think Tamiya really went to town when they produced this kit. Apparently this motorbike is a bit of a legend as it won every single GP race it entered in 1966 with Mike Hailwood on board. I will be building the number 16 Mike Hailwood version and as usual I will add as much detail as I can possibly muster. I have also splashed out on the Tamiya brand chain set, rivet set, front fork and clutch set, wheel set and finally the Hobby Design detail up set. I think that covers everything so far, hope you all enjoy this build and I will try this time to get more pics of the various parts. As usual C&C most welcome
  4. Hello everyone, It has been a loooooooong time since I picked up glue and airbrush: last bike I built was in 2017, right before my daughter was born. Now I am almost able to find some spare time, and I decided to reopen the box of the last bike I was working on, the Tamiya Honda RS1000. I bought it second hand on eBay, and the guy had already started the kit. Luckily he only glued a few pieces together and stopped, so I can build it and paint it as I prefer. I think I will build it rather stock, with a few improvements such as PE bolts, more cables and wires and probably a proper seat, but I am not going overboard with it, because I am a believer of the old "completion over perfection". Plus I have two more kits I really want to build! It still will be a slow one: modelling time is not much! This WIP then starts with the engine already glued and painted, and at the moment I am detailing it with Studio 27 rivets and bolts. Here is where we are now:
  5. So what started off as a basic, ‘out of the box’ build of the new Tamiya kit, it turned into something more. The kit just begged for extra detail to be added and I had to oblige. Thanks to everyone who followed along the WIP, but to highlight, Zero paints used pretty much throughout with my own paint job on it, finished with 2K diamond clear amd polished up. A few extra wires were added and the kit wires replaced for more accurate scaled equivalent. A bunch of Top Studio, Hobby Design and T2M nuts, bolts and PE heads were fitted throughout. Magnets replace the screws for the fairings and the rest were either covered up or replaced with aluminium tube.
  6. Ever since I built the original Tamiya Yamaha R1 about 10 years ago I’ve been hopijg they would release a new model. Earlier this year thst finally happened, with the new R1M being announced in May 2018 at a show in Japan. As soon as it showed up on retail sites I had my pre-order in. Finally it arrived this week, so I got stuck straight in!
  7. Hi guys Then I also want to start a small WIP and that to the Kawasaki KR1000F The kit is already finished (2017), but I wanted to show it to you anyway. I hope that's alright for you? Is a kit from the 80s with homemade, I hope you enjoy it. And sorry for my bad English. I started with the Bling Bling Chrome Fork..... After entchroming with oven spray So, see you next time.
  8. Hi guys Here are some pictures of the finished Kawasaki. Spring on the exhaust has been redone again. Oil pressure hose I have staged by Elastic Cord, you do not see in the Wip. The Cabel Tensioner are homemade and I forgot to paint. Balancing weights on the handlebars are turned parts . Until the next Time ......
  9. Hey all! So I am venturing into the world of 1/12 F1 cars and in light of our recent launch of Scaleworks365.com I decided to build something pretty special and exclusive only to this forum and nowhere else as will be pretty much my plan going forwards anyways! This build might be a long term build depending on how I go and possible short periods of burnout lol. I was hoping to make it extremely detailed but due to lack of tools I am unable to manufacture my own parts so I am left with purchasing detail up sets. So I managed to get a few detail up sets so it will have a fair bit done to it over the standard kit but not as much as I had hoped to add originally. That said I will be probably using this build as a 'practice' for another extreme detailed build sometime in the future. This is not to say that this build will be sub par, I plan to make this one test all my abilities and push my learning curve as well! The plan is to scratch build quite a few parts (styrene parts) and obviously add turned nuts and bolts, I also have a distinct hatred of Tamiya phillips head screws so I will be covering them up or replacing them with more realistic bolts and fittings. Plumbing will be a huge challenge as there is tonnes of wiring going in every direction! I have a brake and suspension detail up set as well as a PE set too, I will also be recreating the electrical connectors and I might even have a go at creating my own decals as there are a few that I require for this build that aren't included in the kit. In terms of authenticity, I will to the best of my ability build it as the car was raced, from what I have learned so far the Tamiya kit has quite a few errors and some of them I will rectify and others I might just leave as they are. An example of what Tamiya got wrong is that they mixed up the Renault engine parts quite a bit between the RS3 and the RS4, the RS4 injectors were totally different to the RS3 but Tamiya used the RS3 style instead of the correct RS4. Whether or not I will be able to rectify this issue remains to be seen! Detail up parts I will be using are from Thunder Valley F1 (TVF1), I was weary before ordering from this company as I heard loads of rumours about issues etc. I took a leap of faith and ordered from them. Although not the greatest when it comes to getting the parts made and posted, the guy who runs it seems to be a good natured person. In my case I ordered the full complement of parts for the FW14b from their site, I received everything except for half of the suspension set and and a few other parts, despite being told that everything would come together I am still waiting for the rest of the suspension set as well as a couple of other parts but I should hopefully be getting them soon! Nothing like the feeling of parting with your money and being held ransom from that point onwards!! This will also be my first build in my new house with my new workshop! It is much larger and I have much more deskspace which will help with this kit as its pretty large! Heres some pics of my workshop: More updates to come soon!!
  10. WIP can be found here: Honda NSR500 '84 Detail Up Sets Used: Hobby Design Detail Up Set Top Studio Clutch Set Top Studio Steering Damper Top Studio Chain Set Decals: Tamiya Kit Decals Tabu Option Decal (for the Michelin logo on the rear swingarm) Nuts and Bolts: Various T2M, Top Studio and RB Motion Wiring and Cables: T2M, MFH, Tamiya Kit Tubing and Sakatsu Solder Wire Paint: Alclad Metalizers (Frame, and Components) Tamiya Semi Gloss Black TS-29 Decanted (Engine, Front Uprights, Wheel Rims) Alclad Grey Primer Zero Paints Honda NSR500 '84 Red and White (Cowlings) Tamiya TS15 Blue (Cowlings) Zero Paints 2K Clear This build was also featured on the front cover of Tamiya Model Magazine's June 2018 Issue number 272, with an eight page write up of the build etc
  11. My entry for the group build! The plan is to get started and build as much as possible as quickly as possible as I will be on holidays for 3 weeks in November, so I wont have much time to get this finished up by the time I get back! I am going to be using a few detail up parts, not sure how much I will use at this point and I'm sure there will be some scratch building involved as well. I managed to buy this kit from someone on another forum and he had a Studio 27 detail up set for this, not sure how good it is but hopefully I will be able to make some use of it. I will also be using Zero Paints for this build Heres whats in the box plus a few detail stuff from MFH and Ejan on the left hand side I'm really looking forward to building this since its been almost 6 months since I last step foot in my workroom! updates to come and should come pretty quickly!
  12. Thanks to everyone that was following the WIP on this one. Here are the photos after final assembly. Build from the 1:24 Tamiya kit, using the Tamiya decals. For the post part they behaved better than I expected, although there were a few tears along the way. Plenty of Microsol to try and get them to behave. I used a bit of carbon fibre decals on this. On the outside, the only obvious point for this are the wing mirrors. I also used the Hobby Design detail set. This was a pretty great set with some fantastic detail in it. The bonnet pins and catches, along with the rivets and Wipers were all part of this set. The only problem with the set that I came across was the two front bonnet catches were not long enough, so I had to improvise and they are actually connected in the wrong place. The other, noticeable problem was two of the brake disk rotors where going the wrong way, so there were 4 identical, rather than 2 for each side. Once the wheels are on though, these are less noticeable. With the spot lights on, I think the front catches are less noticeable as well. The spotlights are fitted on with Neodymium magnets which are hidden on the inside of the bodywork. This allows for them to be removed and not have visible holes or fixing points where they would have been. I used a combination of BMF and Alclad II chrome for the lights to give them a reflective look. I finished it off with a T2M antenna on the roof. Without the spot lights With the spot lights - I think these give it a more menacing look personally. A few close up photos to show off some of the details.
  13. Here’s my next build - the Tamiya Castrol Celica WRC Rally car. To start off, here are the box contents: And the Hobby Design set - loads of goodies in here!
  14. Hi guys. This is my first post here so I thought I'd share my recently finished Tamiya 1/6 Honda Africa Twin. Kit is built box stock with the only addition being a few photo etched hose clamps. Paint is mostly Tamiya TS spray cans (some decanted and airbrushed). Custom mixed testors metallizers and Alclad chrome. This was a really enjoyable build, even more so than any of the other awesome Tamiya 1/6 Bikes. Thanks for looking. Regards, Dan.
  15. WIP can be found here: Lotus Type 78 Detail Up Sets Used: Studio 27 Detail Up Set EJan DFV Funnel and Distributor Set MFH Air Funnel Mesh Decals: Tamiya Kit Decals (for the various warning signs and detail parts) Tabu Decals (for the biscuit coloured lines and JPS logos) Indycals Decals (for other various parts) Nuts and Bolts: Various T2M, Top Studio and RB Motion Wiring and Cables: T2M, MFH, and Tamiya Kit Tubing Paint: Alclad Metalizers Tamiya Semi Gloss Black TS-29 Decanted (Engine, Suspension, Chassis and all Body Parts) Alclad Grey Primer Gravity Colors 2K Clear
  16. Hi all, I finished up a client build of the NSR500 Daytona 200 version. The main differences between the Daytona version and the standard 1984 NSR500 are: - no vents on the rear tail section for the Daytona 200 version - different colour scheme for the rear hugger - different colour scheme for the cowlings - fuel fillers on both side of the bike (on the main fairing) So overall a little bit of modifying was required. I didn't do a build diary for this one because it was a client build that originally had a fairly tight deadline. In terms of detail, both axles, and the controls section were heavily detailed, the engine was not because the cowlings are permanently attached to the bike, I used the kit chain for this one as well. On with the pics, any questions feel free to ask
  17. Here’s the next one on the bench, Tamiya Repsol Honda RC211V with a few extras.
  18. This is my current build. It's been on hold for about two months after I started it on another forum so initially I'll post older pics. I have picked up this build again recently so I hope I can finish it by summer vacation. some basic upgrade goodies including the Acustion PE set (of which I can say that the brake disks don't fit well, the inner diameter is too small) more pics to follow in separate posts as I haven't worked out yet on this site how to mix pictures and text.
  19. Next up on the bench! This one will take some time as I will be flying out to UK in a couple of weeks for a month. I bought the kit with the clear parts but I'm not sure whether I will use the clear parts or stick with standard parts. I have a habit of leaving off cowlings and engine covers as I am crazy about doing extra detailing on engines so thats why I originally bought this with the clear parts. Maybe if its possible I will do one half without the clear parts and the other half with. I am hoping that while I'm on holidays that Top Studio releases a chain set for this, so fingers crossed for that
  20. While searching for a release date for this kit I discovered that it is not listed any longer on the Tamiya web site. Also, I discovered that there is little information out there. I also found that, unlike models today, there is no bar code on the box. So I looked up the history of those. Going by that information that would put this model at 1980 or earlier as bar codes weren’t used regularly until after that. I give you photos of the sides of the box for reference. I did find out from someone that this particular model was removed from the shelves because, at the time, there was some sort of a “copyright infringement” being claimed by AMF. This is now the same bike that is being produced as the “Police Bike” in the Tamiya series. I reduced the size of these photos to help ease any loading issues that some folks might have. And away we go….. This is the front page of the vintage instruction booklet that came with the model. I did the frame in black. Now, I know it comes already molded in black but I have never been one to go in for the shiny plastic look that seems to be inherent if you just leave it alone. So I sprayed a flat white primer and then a coat of gloss metallic black over that. As with all of the Tamiya large scale models the engine went together seamlessly. I did something a little different this time as far as the lighting goes. I went with number 0402 SMD type LED’s throughout this one. These are amazing little buggers. About the size of a pinhead with wires smaller than angel hair pasta and the resistors are pre-attached AWAY from the base of the light at the end of the wire. Making installation a lot easier. These are shots of the test fit of the fenders and the front end as well as the saddlebags. As is usual, there were no fit issues. These show how small those wires on those SMD’s really are. You can clearly see the wires as well as the resistors here. I cut a hole in the back side of the right fuel tank to place the resistors as well as the extra wiring that came off of the front end. I was careful to NOT cut off the mounting points for the tank itself. And here is the tank after being mounted with the wires already installed inside. You can also see the lone lead wire coming out the rear (left side) of the tank. And, of course, after all of this work a lighting test is required. I test and retest often to make sure I haven’t pinched, cut, or otherwise disconnected any wires in the process. These are a couple of rather simple photos showing the gauges setup. And here is the completed model. This has been done in Star Spangled Blue over Flat Black primer. The white is Pearl White over Flat White primer. This is as close as I could get to any sort of original colors for this year bike without special ordering something directly from Harley-Davidson which would have been overly expensive. So I did some research to see what colors would have been available during that time period. There are a couple of engine closeups as well as one of the seat. The one of the seat was done simply because I though it was a cool way to mount it to the bike. Keeping true to the original that’s for sure. Hope that you enjoy these and, as always, please feel free to ask any questions and leave any comments!!!!! Here are the photos showing the 0402 SMD type LED's in operation.
  21. WIP can be found here: Honda RC166 WIP And how it will be displayed, I also decided to change it up by using a grey background
  22. Hello friends, Well, even though I just started a new car kit, I can't help myself but to tinker with a two-wheeler too... Starting another kit would not make sense with the bench time I get, so I decided to pull one from my "shelf of doom" (which is very small mind you, this is really the only kit I consider to be on that shelf). the last time I worked on this kit is probably a decade ago. I remember putting it aside be because I wasn't happy with the paint job, and I also broke one of the clip-ons from the handlebars. As you can see in the pics, the paintjob is bad: orange peel, very bad job on the fadeout of the white on the cowling, and paint flaking off on the wheels. Some seamlines are still visible like on the tank, and the decals were never cleared so they have been eating "box dust" for the last 10 years.
  23. Well, here it is, the completed photos for the Tamiya Ferrari LaFerrari I built here. Thanks to all that followed along. Built with the use of the Hobby Design set and painted with Zero paints pretty much throughout, along with the Tamiya carbon fibre set. I used Scale Motorsports twill weave carbon fibre decals for the roof. Body colour was Nero Daytona metallic black and the stripes were Ferrari Rosso red. As this was my first video build I was keen to make this as clean as possible. I used the Hiroboy's adhesive flocking sheets over the dashboard, arm rests and roof lining, along with a few other little extras, like the seatbelts, 12v socket in the centre console and extra rivets here and there. I think this all adds an extra element to the model. First time using the Zero paints diamond clear on this and the results are fantastic. The photos really don't do it justice.
  24. Here's my next project - Tamiya's Ferrari LaFerrari with the Hobby Design set and Tamiya CF decals. Hopefully I will make a start on it at the weekend. Contents of the HD set for those that are interested.
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