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Found 7 results

  1. I started this back in October, but only just getting back to it and realised I'd not posted it up here. So here goes. The first post will be the box contents and some of the extras I plan to use. I picked up the Hobby Design set before even getting the kit, but then I found the Studio 27 set so just had to have that. Box art in all it's glory: On to the contents. I'll let the parts speak for themselves On recommendation, I went for the Hobby Design wheels. Having done a bit of research, they are technically incorrect for the red DTM car, but I'm going to go with them as I prefer the look and it makes it a bit different from all the others Studio 27 CF decals Kit decals. Great to see they are printed by Cartograph so I don't expect any problems from them First detail set - this one from Hobby Design includes lots of photo etch, resin and turned metal rivets Next is the S27 set. Even more detail and quite a bit of white metal parts included. Instructions for both detail sets Studio 27 decals. These are also printed by Cartograph and look high quality as you would expect
  2. So what started off as a basic, ‘out of the box’ build of the new Tamiya kit, it turned into something more. The kit just begged for extra detail to be added and I had to oblige. Thanks to everyone who followed along the WIP, but to highlight, Zero paints used pretty much throughout with my own paint job on it, finished with 2K diamond clear amd polished up. A few extra wires were added and the kit wires replaced for more accurate scaled equivalent. A bunch of Top Studio, Hobby Design and T2M nuts, bolts and PE heads were fitted throughout. Magnets replace the screws for the fairings and the rest were either covered up or replaced with aluminium tube.
  3. My entry for the group build! The plan is to get started and build as much as possible as quickly as possible as I will be on holidays for 3 weeks in November, so I wont have much time to get this finished up by the time I get back! I am going to be using a few detail up parts, not sure how much I will use at this point and I'm sure there will be some scratch building involved as well. I managed to buy this kit from someone on another forum and he had a Studio 27 detail up set for this, not sure how good it is but hopefully I will be able to make some use of it. I will also be using Zero Paints for this build Heres whats in the box plus a few detail stuff from MFH and Ejan on the left hand side I'm really looking forward to building this since its been almost 6 months since I last step foot in my workroom! updates to come and should come pretty quickly!
  4. Thanks to everyone that was following the WIP on this one. Here are the photos after final assembly. Build from the 1:24 Tamiya kit, using the Tamiya decals. For the post part they behaved better than I expected, although there were a few tears along the way. Plenty of Microsol to try and get them to behave. I used a bit of carbon fibre decals on this. On the outside, the only obvious point for this are the wing mirrors. I also used the Hobby Design detail set. This was a pretty great set with some fantastic detail in it. The bonnet pins and catches, along with the rivets and Wipers were all part of this set. The only problem with the set that I came across was the two front bonnet catches were not long enough, so I had to improvise and they are actually connected in the wrong place. The other, noticeable problem was two of the brake disk rotors where going the wrong way, so there were 4 identical, rather than 2 for each side. Once the wheels are on though, these are less noticeable. With the spot lights on, I think the front catches are less noticeable as well. The spotlights are fitted on with Neodymium magnets which are hidden on the inside of the bodywork. This allows for them to be removed and not have visible holes or fixing points where they would have been. I used a combination of BMF and Alclad II chrome for the lights to give them a reflective look. I finished it off with a T2M antenna on the roof. Without the spot lights With the spot lights - I think these give it a more menacing look personally. A few close up photos to show off some of the details.
  5. Here’s the next one on the bench, Tamiya Repsol Honda RC211V with a few extras.
  6. Well, here it is, the completed photos for the Tamiya Ferrari LaFerrari I built here. Thanks to all that followed along. Built with the use of the Hobby Design set and painted with Zero paints pretty much throughout, along with the Tamiya carbon fibre set. I used Scale Motorsports twill weave carbon fibre decals for the roof. Body colour was Nero Daytona metallic black and the stripes were Ferrari Rosso red. As this was my first video build I was keen to make this as clean as possible. I used the Hiroboy's adhesive flocking sheets over the dashboard, arm rests and roof lining, along with a few other little extras, like the seatbelts, 12v socket in the centre console and extra rivets here and there. I think this all adds an extra element to the model. First time using the Zero paints diamond clear on this and the results are fantastic. The photos really don't do it justice.
  7. Here she is. My first "detailed" motorcycle kit. I used the AcuStion PE set (which had a rather bad fit unfortunately), extra wiring of various kinds and brands, top studio bolts and PE boltheads, braided hose, PE hoseclamps, and a few home made mods like the battery with terminals and cables connected to it. I did some wiring to the engine on both ends as well as a few other things. Note that although I'm versed in motorcycle and car engineering, I didn't seek to achieve technical accuracy with the wiring; I just wanted it to look a bit more detailed. Paint is tammy rattle can red for the cowl, mostly alclad and zero paints for the rest with a few dabs of tammy acrylic here and there. Clear coated with ZP 1K premixed. Lessons to take away from this build for me are that I need to build up the paint layer a lot more, both the colour as well as the clear. There is a small spot on the front fender where I went straight through although I only did a light sanding with 2000 grit and then straight to Tammy fine and finisher compound. I'll be trying that out straight away with the builds on the bench. Also, working with these small details is a challenge on the eyes. I see sharper up close than many people at my age as I'm myopic (need glasses for seeing far away) but some of these PE boltheads are soooo small that I need magnification. (I used 0.6mm boltheads on the battery terminal connections) I hope you enjoy the pictures, sorry for the changes in white balance but I'm still experimenting with an external flash I bought recently for my DSLR. I also struggled with the depth of field, it's tricky to get everyting sharp that you want to see sharp if you're close to the subject. I closed the diaphragm as much as I could but even in a lightbox with a flash and ISO maxed out, I was still at shutter speeds between 60 and 10 Comments and feedback are of course welcome!
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